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Creating a Sales Hierarchy Version

By default, a sales hierarchy is created without a sales hierarchy version. After you create a sales hierarchy, create a version for the hierarchy.

Only one Sales Hierarchy Version can exist with a status of In Progress at any given time. You can create a new Sales Hierarchy Version from an approved Sales Hierarchy Version, and multiple versions can exist in a Sales Hierarchy with start and end dates that do not overlap.

To create a sales hierarchy version

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Incentive Compensation Sales Hierarchies Administration > Sales Hierarchy Admin Explorer.
  2. In the Explorer, expand the Sales Hierarchy folder, and then click the Sales Hierarchy Versions folder.

    The Sales Hierarchy Versions list appears.

  3. In the Sales Hierarchy Versions list, click New.

    The new version record shows a status of In Progress.

  4. In the Sales Hierarchy Version record, enter a name for the version.
  5. In the new version record, complete the fields.

    The following table describes the fields.


    Approved By

    The login of the manager who approved the new Sales Hierarchy Version.

    Approved Date

    The approval date for the Sales Hierarchy Version.

    End Date

    The expiration date for the Sales Hierarchy.


    The Sales Hierarchy associated with the Version.


    The name of the organization that can access the Sales Hierarchy Version.

    Start Date

    The starting date for the new Sales Hierarchy Version. The default is the creation date.


    Predefined status options. When a version is created, the default status is In Progress. Other options include Submitted, Approved, and Rejected.

    Submitted Date

    The submission date for the new Sales Hierarchy Version.

    Submitted To

    When the Status changes to Approved, this field is populated with the login of the administrator's direct manager in the Position Hierarchy.

    Version Name

    The name of the new Sales Hierarchy Version.

The new hierarchy version information also appears in the Sales Hierarchy Versions form. To view this form, drill down on the hyperlink in the Version Name field.

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