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Archiving Calculation Run Data for Release

Setting the Archive for Release flag (check box) instructs the calculation engine to create an archive for the calculation run details. The archive is a snapshot of all personalized elements (plans, rules, quotas, rate tables, and so on) that are used to compute compensation within a given calculation run.

You cannot release a calculation run unless the Archive for Release check box is selected. After the run is released, the calculation run and archive files become read-only. For more information, see Reviewing the Total Compensation Paid to an Employee.

To archive calculation run data for release

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Incentive Compensation Tracking > Calculation Runs.
  2. In the Calculation Runs list, select the calculation run.
  3. In the Calculation Run form, select the check box in the Archive for Release field, select the check box.

    The calculation run, including personalized elements, will be archived.

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