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Adjusting Quota Target Amounts for Reports (Manager)

After the initial quota target is set, and the quota is rolled down to the positions, the manager can manually change the initial target by entering a % Target Adjustment value for each position.

To manually adjust the initial quota target amount

  1. Add next-level reports to a plan quota.

    For more information, see Adding a Next-Level Report to a Plan Quota (Manager).

  2. Spread the quota targets for the next-level reports, if you have not already done so.

    For more information, see Rolling Down a Quota Target (Manager).

  3. In the Next Level Reports list, select the next-level report record.
  4. In the % Target Adjustment field, enter the percent value that will be applied to an employee's initial quota target amount.

    NOTE:  The % Target Adjustment can either be a positive or negative number.

    The Adjusted Target Amount field is updated.

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