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Applying a Quota Factor to a Report (Manager)

Managers can refine the quota targets for next-level reports by applying additional quota factors.

To apply a quota factor to a next-level report

  1. Roll down quota targets to next-level reports, and then apply any necessary adjustments using the % Target Adjustment field.

    For more information, see Rolling Down a Quota Target (Manager) and Adjusting Quota Target Amounts for Reports (Manager).

    NOTE:  If you plan to apply % Target Adjustment, you should do so before applying quota factors.

  2. Apply additional factors to next-level reports' quota targets.
    1. In the Next Level Report list, select the individual, and then drill down on the hyperlink in the Last Name field.
    2. In the Quota Factor list, click New.
    3. In the new record, click the select button in the Name field.
    4. In the Pick Factors dialog box, select the factors you want to apply, and then click OK.

      The new quota factor record is populated with the Name, % Factor, and Factored Amount values.

      The default factor percentage is applied to the Adjusted Target Amount. The Factored Target Amount field is populated in the form and the Factored Amount is populated in the list.

      Factored Target Amount is the sum of Adjusted Target Amount and Factored Amount.

  3. Click the Quota Spread view tab.

    The quota target is spread evenly across the measure period, using the Factored Target Amount value. However, the manager can influence the quota target for each period by changing the percentage in the Period % field, updating the value in the Period Factored Amount field.

    NOTE:  The totals row in the Quota Spread list shows the adjustment so that managers can verify that the adjustments total 100% (if that restriction is required) or that the adjusted quota is what is expected over the quota period. If the Total Period % is greater than 100%, and the sum of the Period Factored Amount is greater than Factored Target Amount, it is not reflected in any of the fields in the form. However, the amount is used for the quota target when it is imported by the compensation administrator.

Repeat this procedure for each next-level report to which adjustments will be applied.

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