This guide is written for compensation administrators and managers to help them understand and perform administrative tasks for Siebel Incentive Compensation. This guide can also help sales and service representatives understand how to use incentive compensation features such as estimating compensation, quota setting, and the output views.

This book can be useful to people whose title or job description matches one of the following:

Compensation Administrators

People responsible for calculating the commissions and bonuses owed to sales and service professionals.

Sales and Service Managers

End users of a Siebel application with sales and service professionals reporting to them.

Sales and Service Representatives

End users of a Siebel application.

Siebel Application Administrators

People responsible for planning, setting up, and maintaining Siebel applications.

Siebel System Administrators

Persons responsible for the whole system, including installing, maintaining, and upgrading Siebel applications.

Compensation administrators should have prior experience designing and administering traditional incentive compensation plans. Managers should have a working knowledge of traditional incentive compensation plans, with particular emphasis on quota setting. No prior knowledge of incentive compensation plans is required for sales and service representatives, however, familiarity with traditional compensations plans is helpful.

Siebel Incentive Compensation Administration Guide