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Designing the Compensation Plan

Using Siebel Incentive Compensation, you can design flexible incentive compensation plans that fit corporate strategy and help the sales force achieve goals. Reusable stand-alone components and variable definitions allow you to reduce the number of elements needed to create compensation plans. This approach also decreases the overall number of compensation plans.

Compensation plans are defined for a specific time period. For example, your plans could include:

  • 2002 Field Sales Plan
  • 2001 Telesales Compensation Plan
  • 2003 Sales Managers Plan - Americas

Compensation Plan Design Processes

Designing a compensation plan requires the following processes.

Although you can add plan components whenever necessary, the order in which you add the new components is important. New plan filters and hurdle definitions must be added before you add plan participants, otherwise, the new filters and hurdle definitions are not copied to the existing participants.

If you add hurdle definitions to plan hurdles or add filter criteria after you have added plan participants, you must also add those definitions and criteria to the personal plan hurdles and the personal plan rule filters, respectively.

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