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Calculation Workbook Fields and Syntax

Table 36 shows the user interface names, field names and syntax for Calculation Workbook fields.

Table 36.  Calculation Workbook Fields and Syntax
User Interface Name
Field Name

Order Amount



Qty Requested

Quantity Requested

[CW.Quantity Requested]

Payment Amount

Payment Amount

[CW.Payment Amount]

% Margin



% Net Discount

Net Discount Percentage

[CW.Net Discount Percentage]

Qty Shipped

Quantity Shipped

[CW.Quantity Shipped]

Net Price

Net Price

[CW.Net Price]

Net Cost



Credit Allocation

Credit Allocation

[CW.Credit Allocation]

Commission Credit Revenue

Commission Credit Revenue

[CW.Commission Credit Revenue]

Quota Credit Allocation

Quota Credit Allocation

[CW.Quota Credit Allocation]

Quota Credit Revenue

Quota Credit Revenue

[CW.Quota Credit Revenue]

The following example shows how to apply this syntax.

([PM.Cumulative % Quota]/100.0) * ([Quota Objective]) * 0.1 * ([CW.Commission Credit Revenue]/[CW.Quota Credit Revenue]).

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