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Adding a Position to a Territory

After creating a new sales territory, you can add a position representing the person assigned to this territory. You also can define one or more territory owners with nonoverlapping dates and a delegated administrator. The owners and delegated administrator can view and administer subterritories.

To add a position to a territory

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Incentive Compensation Sales Hierarchies Administration > Territories.
  2. In the Territories list, select the territory, and then click the Positions view tab.
  3. In the Positions list, click New.

    You can also query for a position.

    In the Positions record, the Role, Status, and Start Date fields are automatically completed. These values can be changed.

  4. In the position record, click the select button in the Position field.
  5. In the Pick Position dialog box, select a position, and then click OK.
  6. Complete the remaining fields.

    The following table describes the fields.


    Approved By

    Manager who approved the new sales territory.

    Approved Date

    Date the position was approved.


    When this check box is selected, this position can receive credit assignments in the Crediting Rules view.


    This check box indicates whether or not the position is compensable. The check box flag is set in the Group Administration > Positions view.


    The division associated with the position.


    When this check box is selected, the position can edit the territory, including territory positions and crediting rules.

    End Date

    Date when the position is no longer effective.

    First Name

    The position's first name.

    Job Title

    The position's job.

    Last Name

    The position's last name.


    The name of the position's organization.


    Represents the people assigned to this territory.


    Identifies the role of a position. Only one position can be the node owner at any given time. There can, however, be multiple owners with nonoverlapping dates. The owner can grant administrative rights to delegated administrators. The delegated administrator has the same administrative rights as the territory owners.

    Start Date

    Effective date for the position.


    Predefined status options. When a version is created, the default status is In Progress. Other status options are Submitted, Approved, and Rejected.

    Submitted Date

    The date the position is submitted for approval.

    Submitted To

    When the status changes to Approved, this field is populated with the login name of the administrator's direct manager in the position hierarchy.

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