Siebel Professional Services Automation Guide

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Siebel Professional Services Automation Overview

Siebel Professional Services Automation Business Process


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Opportunity Management

About Opportunity Management

Scenario for Opportunity Management

End-User Procedures for Opportunity Management

Associating a Project with an Opportunity

Associating a Project with an Account

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Project Management

Scenario for Project Management

Administrator Procedures for Project Management

Setting Up Financial Components

Setting Up Employee Records

Overview of Rate List and Cost List Management

Displaying Existing Project Resources

Adding New Project Resources to the Product List

Creating Roles

Setting Up Skills and Competencies

Setting Up Contract and Work Order Templates

Setting Up Project Activity Templates

Setting Up Microsoft Project Field Mappings

Setting Up Project-Related List of Values Entries

Creating a Cost List

Associating Cost List Line Items with a Cost List

Creating a Rate List

Associating Rates and Project Resources with a Rate List

About Multiple Rate Schedules

End-User Procedures for Project Management

Creating Projects

Associating Contacts with a Project

Providing Access to a Project

Creating Activities Using Activity Plans

Creating Project Activities Manually

Creating Tasks

Adding Activities to a Task

Viewing Tasks

Using the Team Workbook

Setting Up Roles in a Project Team Workbook

Associating Skills and Competencies with Team Workbook Roles

Setting Rates for Project Staff

Adding Subcontractor Information

Associating a Subcontractor Resource with a Project

Assessing and Adding Risks to a Project

Creating Risk Resolution Activities

Creating a Status Report for a Project

Associating Risks with a Status Report

Attaching a File to a Project

Adding a Note to a Project

Creating an Order for Project Materials

Changing the Delivery Status of a Project

Using the Project Center and the Project Summary View

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Resource Management

About Resource Management

Scenario for Resource Management

End-User Procedures for Resource Management

Using the Resource Requests Screen

Reviewing Resource Requests

Assigning Ownership of Resource Requests

Searching for Potential Resources

Using Candidate History to Track Candidates

Assigning Resources to a Project

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Microsoft Project Integration

About Microsoft Project Integration

Scenario for Microsoft Project Integration

Administrator Procedures for Microsoft Project Integration

Understanding Mapping Templates

Creating Mapping Templates

Modifying Mapping Templates

End-User Procedures for Microsoft Project Integration

Importing Information from Microsoft Project into Siebel Professional Services Automation

Exporting Information from Siebel Professional Services Automation to a New Microsoft Project File

Exporting Information from Siebel Professional Services Automation to an Existing Microsoft Project File

Viewing a Log File

Saving a Log File

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Time Reporting and Time Sheets

About Time Reporting and Time Sheets

Scenario for Time Reporting and Time Sheets

Administrator Procedures for Time Reporting and Time Sheets

Creating Time Sheet Work Types

Adding or Modifying Available Period Types for Time Sheets

Defining Reporting Relationships

Setting User Approval Limits

About Dynamic Buttons

Changing the Trigger for the Submit To Field for Time Sheets

Activating Workflows for Time Sheets

End-User Procedures for Time Reporting and Time Sheets

Recording Time Worked in the Unassociated Time Sheet Items View

Recording Time Worked in the Activities Time View

Creating a Time Sheet Automatically

Creating a Time Sheet Manually

Adding Line Items to a Time Sheet

Using the Time Sheet Item Summary View and the Spread Button

Using the Time Sheet Item Detail View and the Next Day Button

Moving Time Entries from Unassociated Time Sheet Items to Time Sheets Manually

Removing Line Item Time Entries from Time Sheets

Submitting a Time Sheet

Recalling a Submitted Time Sheet

Monitoring the Status of a Time Sheet

Printing a Time Sheet

Creating a Time Sheet for Another End-User

Approving or Rejecting Time Sheets

Accepting or Rejecting Time Sheets Before Back-Office Processing

Adjusting Submitted Time Sheet Hours

Moving a Time Entry from One Project to Another

Moving Multiple Time Entries from One Project to Another

Viewing a Time Sheet Summary and Time Sheet Summary Chart

Viewing a Time Sheet Adjustments Chart

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Expense Reporting

About Expense Reporting

Scenario for Expense Reporting

Administrator Procedures for Expense Reporting

Creating Expense Types

Creating Establishments

Associating an Establishment with an Expense Type

Adding or Modifying Available Periods

Mapping Expense Types to Actuate Report Categories

Defining Reporting Relationships for Expense Reporting

Setting User Approval Limits

About Dynamic Buttons

Changing the Submit To Field Trigger for Expense Reports

Activating Automatic Generation for Expense Reports

Activating Email Notification for Expense Reports

Activating the Update Expense Status Reports

Understanding Currency Exchange Rates

End-User Procedures for Expense Reporting

Recording Expenses in the Activities Expenses View

Creating an Expense Report Automatically

Creating an Expense Report Manually

Changing the Reimbursement Currency

Adding Line Items to an Expense Report

Changing the Default Currency for Expense Line Items

Changing the Currency for a Single Expense Line Item

Removing Items from Expense Reports

Submitting an Expense Report

Recalling a Submitted Expense Report

Monitoring the Status of an Expense Report

Printing an Expense Report

Creating an Expense Report for Another End User

Approving or Rejecting Expense Reports

Accepting or Rejecting Expense Reports Before Back-Office Processing

Adjusting the Billable Total for an Expense Report

Moving an Expense Item to Another Project

Moving Multiple Expense Items to Another Project

Viewing an Expense Report Summary and Expense Summary Chart

Viewing an Expense Adjustments Chart

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About Agreements

Scenario for Agreements

End-User Procedures for Agreements

Creating an Agreement

Adding Line Item Details to an Agreement

Generating Documentation with an Agreement

Adding Attachments to Agreements

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Project Financials

About Project Financials

Scenario for Project Financials

End-User Procedures for Project Financials

Adding a Project Revenue

Adding Project Revenues Using SmartScripts

Adding Project Revenues Using Revenue Plans

Viewing the Project Revenue Spreadsheet

Viewing the Project Revenue Chart

Viewing Financial Profile Information

Adding Project Invoices

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Siebel Professional Services Automation Guide