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Scripting Terminology

You should be familiar with the terms listed in Table 1 to understand scripting.

Table 1. Scripting Terminology


Any named part of a script, such as a question, an answer, a page, or a branch.


The object that contains all subsidiary content and procedural elements for directing the workflow for an interaction. It consists of a name and a collection of pages, plus the branches needed to move between pages.


Logical grouping of questions within a page which will display together to the user.


Script element that is a question to be asked of customers, or a text message that provides information to the agent. Questions are displayed on pages.


Script element that represents an answer to a question. Answers appear as data entry fields or as any of several types of UI elements, including check boxes, picklists, and multi-value groups.


Text string used to display script elements in languages other than the original, so that scripts can be used in multilingual call centers. Screen appearance is determined by the type of script element (page, question, and so forth) to which the translation string is assigned. The maximum length of a translated string is 2000 characters.


Transfers of control inside a SmartScript that define the display and processing sequence of pages or questions.

page section

Logical grouping of questions within a page which will display together to the user at one time.

Script Designer and Page Designer

Script Designer and Page Designer are visual tools that allow a script administrator to create scripts by graphically manipulating script elements as the script flow is being defined.

Script Sessions Table

Any script can have its questions and answers saved to a common answer table. This table is modeled with a parent table which displays the script name, position ID, contact ID, StartDate-Time, and campaign ID. The child table shows name-value pairs. This table is useful for later analysis of script sessions and answers.

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