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ActiveX Controls Distributed for High Interactivity

Table 10 lists the ActiveX controls distributed and used with Siebel Web clients. All of these controls are signed. Control names reflect the names of the files that are created in the Downloaded Program Files directory when each control is deployed.

NOTE:  Depending on your Siebel software release, you may have only a subset of these CAB files.

Table 10.  ActiveX Controls Used with Siebel Web Clients
Filename / Control Name
Feature / Function

Siebel Calendar

Supports calendar-related functions.

Siebel Generic Container Control

Hosts third-party ActiveX controls. The hosted control, its methods, and its public members are specified using control user properties.

In Siebel Life Sciences, this control hosts the CIC Ink control, used for capturing signatures on a tablet PC.

Siebel Callcenter Communications Toolbar

Helps the communications (CTI) toolbar Java applet to access the client framework.

See also Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide.

Siebel Desktop Integration

COM interface to support client-side integrations your company may implement.

When this control is deployed, the EnableWebClientAutomation parameter must be TRUE in the application configuration file.

NOTE:  Running this control requires the user to have the permissions associated with the Power Users group.

Siebel ERM eBriefings offline content Synchronization

Supports synchronization of offline content for Siebel ERM and eBriefings.

NOTE:  Running this control requires the user to have permissions associated with the Power Users group.

Siebel Gantt Chart

Supports Gantt Charts in the Siebel application UI.

The control is rendered using two panes: one for employees (and other configurable columns) and one for activities.

Siebel Hospitality Gantt Chart

Supports Gantt Charts for Siebel Hospitality.

Siebel High Interactivity Framework

Provides high levels of usability, performance, and desktop integration. Contains user interface components such as a rich text editor, UI elements, and so on. The browser health check is also provided through this control.

NOTE:  Deploying this control is required for all high-interactivity applications.

Siebel iHelp

Supports the Siebel iHelp player panel to contain and display iHelp information.

Siebel Marketing Allocation

Works with Siebel Analytics to display market segment information applicable to a stage in a marketing program.

Siebel Marketing Event Calendar

Supports the Siebel Marketing Event Calendar.

Siebel Microsite Layout Designer

Provides a tool for laying out page items in ERM microsites and templates.

Siebel Outbound Email Support

Supports client-side email integration (for Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook).

NOTE:  Deploying this control requires that you also deploy the Siebel Desktop Integration control.

See also Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide.

Siebel SmartScript

Provides the SmartScript UI.

See also Siebel SmartScript Administration Guide.

Siebel Test Automation

Provides a test automation interface. (Generally not used for production environments.)

See also Testing Siebel eBusiness Applications.

Siebel Universal Inbox

Supports the Universal Inbox feature.

A third-party ActiveX control used to capture and encrypt signatures.

A third-party ActiveX control provided by Microsoft for use with the Exchange/Siebel Connector (PIMSE). It is required only for implementations with Outlook 2000.

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