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High-Interactivity Deployment—Java Requirements

This section describes in detail the Java requirements for deploying Siebel applications in high-interactivity mode. For more information, see About Deployment Modes for Siebel Web Clients.

A supported Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required to access certain features when using a high-interactivity client. Supported JVM/JRE versions are outlined in System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb. Siebel applications support the Sun Java Runtime Environment.

NOTE:  Because not all users of Siebel high-interactivity applications require such features, the browser health check treats the Sun JRE as a recommendation rather than a requirement, by default. You should determine whether the JRE is required for your deployment. For more information, see Using the Browser Health Check.

For a list of the Java download files, see Java Applets Distributed for High Interactivity.

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