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High-Interactivity Deployment—General Requirements

This section describes in detail the general requirements for deploying Siebel applications in high-interactivity mode. For more information, see About Deployment Modes for Siebel Web Clients.

You can use the Microsoft Internet Explorer Administrator Kit and other system management tools to support high-interactivity mode deployment requirements in supported versions of Internet Explorer. Siebel Systems also provides a browser health check tool, described in Using the Browser Health Check. Customers should review the features of applicable deployment tools.

Predefined Security Settings for Web Content Zones

Web content zones in Microsoft Internet Explorer support predefined security setting templates, or groups of settings: Low, Medium-low, Medium, and High. Siebel applications support both Low and Medium-low settings; Low is preferred.

You can use a zone such as Local intranet or Trusted sites for your Siebel applications and use the default security setting templates.

  • The Local intranet zone defaults to the Medium-low setting. To use this zone, the Siebel eBusiness Applications URL must be hosted on the same intranet as the end users' Web browsers.
  • The Trusted sites zone defaults to the Low setting. To use this zone, the Siebel eBusiness Applications URL must be added as a site to the Trusted sites zone.

    Because Trusted sites are explicitly designated, lower security settings can generally be used than for other zones. For example, you can use the Trusted sites zone to allow end users to use ActiveX controls required for the Siebel application deployment, yet restrict end users from using ActiveX controls that may be associated with other sites.

Using security setting templates is preferred. If you do not use them, then you may need to adjust individual security settings for the applicable Web content zone. Some procedures in this chapter describe specifying (or verifying) custom settings, for customers who cannot use security setting templates. For more information, see Manual Security Settings for High Interactivity.

For more information about specifying Microsoft Internet Explorer security settings or other settings, refer to Microsoft documentation.

Adjusting Printing Settings

To enable printing Siebel application screens using the browser's Print command, Internet Explorer users must modify their printing settings.

To adjust printing settings

  1. In Internet Explorer, choose Tools > Internet Options.
  2. Click the Advanced tab.
  3. Under Printing, select Print background colors and images.
  4. Click OK.

NOTE:  For information about browser requirements for supporting the Siebel application's Print command when printing through Microsoft Excel, see Manual Security Settings for High Interactivity.

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