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About the Import Wizard - Review Conflicts and Actions Dialog Box

When the Import Wizard detects a difference between objects stored in the repository and those stored in the SIF file, the Import Wizard - Review Conflicts and Actions dialog box appears. You use this dialog box to review differences and to change the action used to resolve the conflict.

The dialog box is divided into three panes: the Conflicting Objects explorer control, the Object differences list, and the Attributes differences list.

Figure 21.  Import Wizard - Review Conflicts and Actions
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Conflicting Objects Explorer

The Conflicting Objects Explorer displays the hierarchy of objects for which there are differences. The hierarchy displayed mirrors the object type/object definition hierarchy in a Siebel repository, but shows only conflicts to resolve rather than all repository or archive objects.

Object Differences List

The Object Differences list displays objects, one per row. For each object it shows whether it exists only in the archive file, only in the target repository, or in both, and what resolution is specified. You can change the resolution here.

The objects displayed in the Object Differences dialog box include those at all hierarchical levels, not just top-level objects. This lets you make adjustments to the resolution for any affected objects.

The File and Repository columns indicate whether each identified object is present in the archive file or target repository. An "X" indicating the object's presence can appear in the File list column, the Repository list column, or both. These list columns are for information only; you cannot change the check marks.

The Action list column indicates the proposed resolution for each object in the list. This setting is initially generated for each object from the default behavior selected in the Conflict Resolution option buttons in the Preview pane. You can right-click on the value in the Action list column and select a different value from a shortcut menu. The available selections include the following:

  • File. Equivalent to the Overwrite the object definition in the repository selection in the previous dialog box.
  • Merge. Equivalent to the Merge the object definitions from the archive with the definition in the repository option in the previous dialog box.

    The resulting top-level object has the same properties and children as the object in the archive, plus any children that were present in the repository definition.

  • Repository. Equivalent to the Do not import the object definition from the archive option in the previous dialog box.

For more information about these options, see Importing Objects from an Archive File.

Attribute Differences List

The Attribute Differences list displays the property value conflicts for the currently selected object in the Object Differences dialog box. Those properties are listed only where there is a conflict.

Table 36 describes the columns in the list.

Table 36.  Columns in the Attribute Differences List


Name of the property.


Value of the property in the archive file version of the object.


Value of the property in the target-repository version of the object.


Value of either File or Repository for each property, depending on whether the archive-file or target-repository version of the object is to determine the value of the property in the final definition.

This list column can be updated only if the object whose properties are being displayed has an Action setting of Merge in the Object Differences list. Otherwise, the shortcut menu options are read-only and are unavailable, and the value displayed is the same as that in the Action column of the Object Differences list.

To change the Resolution value from Repository to File or the reverse, right-click on the Attribute row to change and then choose Repository or File from the shortcut menu.

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