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Checking In Projects

You can only check in projects that you have locked through a checkout process. Before checking in a project, be sure that the project is stable and has been thoroughly tested against your local database. Check in a project only after completing all dependent code.

You should check in all dependent projects at the same time to be sure that the server configuration remains consistent. Also, consider how you time your check-in and how that impacts the work of other developers. In some instances, you may need to check in a project before you have fully completed the configurations required in that project. For example, if another developer's configurations depend on a particular feature you have added to your project, you may need to check in your project before configuring other features. This lets other developers test their configurations with your new feature. Plan carefully to be sure that you complete the dependent configuration before starting other independent configurations. Alternatively, if the particular feature is simple to implement, then other developers can lock that project locally and manually apply the required changes (or use an SIF archive file). In this case, the developer cannot check in the locally locked project because another developer has the project locked on the server.

To check in your projects

  1. In Siebel Tools, choose Tools > Check In.
  2. The dialog box displays a list of all your locked projects.

  3. Select the individual projects you want to check in or select Locked Projects to select all locked projects.
  4. NOTE:  Select Locked Projects/New Projects only when working with complete and stable configuration work.

  5. Check Maintain Lock to check in projects but keep them locked on the server. (Optional)
  6. Make sure the Server and Client Data Sources point to the correct databases.
  7. If the Server and Client Data Sources are not pointing to the correct databases, click Options and navigate to the correct databases.

  8. Click Check In.

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 Published: 18 April 2003