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Canceling Changes to a Checked Out Project

Occasionally, you may want to discard the changes you made to a checked out project. For example, you might decide that it is easier to start over instead of undoing previous changes. There is no Undo Check Out command. Instead, you must check out the project from the server database again, as described in Checking Out Projects for Modification. This lets you overwrite your existing copy of the project with the copy of the project that is on the server. However, repeating the checkout procedure will not remove the server lock. If you want to unlock a project on the server you must check in the project and then check it out again.

If you need to revert back to the project's original state but cannot connect to the server to check out the project, you can use an archive file (SIF) of the project, which Siebel Tools automatically creates each time you check out a project. This archive file is stored in the Siebel Tools temp/projects directory and can be imported the same way as other SIF files.

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 Published: 18 April 2003