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The following are general naming recommendations for applets:

The type of applet should be included in the name just before the word applet, as shown in Table 6.

Table 6. Naming Conventions for Applets
Type of Applet
Name Format
Association applets
Xxx Assoc Applet
Opportunity Assoc Applet
Multi-value group applets
Xxx Mvg Applet
Fulfillment Position Mvg Applet
Pick applets
Xxx Pick Applet
Order Status Pick Applet
List applets
Xxx List Applet
Account List Applet
Form applets
Xxx Form Applet (if the applet does not contain buttons)
xxx Entry Applet (if the applet contains buttons)
Account Form Applet
Account Entry Applet
Chart applets
Xxx Chart Applet - yyy Analysis [By zzz]
Bug Chart Applet - Severity Analysis
Tree applets
Xxx Tree Applet
List of Values Tree Applet

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 Published: 18 April 2003