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Registering an Account

You can control which contacts can register for an event by registering an account and issuing invitations to specific contacts associated with that account. Control of which contacts can register is determined by the registration status value you select for the account.

The status value that affects account contacts' (namely, company employees) ability to register is Invited. If the account is registered for the event with a status of Invited, all contacts associated with the account can view the event listing on the eEvents Web site home page and register for the event.

Note, however, that once an account is registered, the contacts themselves are not registered until action is taken to register individual attendees or attendee lists. An individual attendee can be registered by yourself, the administrator, as described in Registering an Attendee, or by the contact, as described in End-User Procedures for Self-Registering for an Event. A contact list can only be registered by an administrator, as described in Registering an Attendee List.

It is important to note that an individual attendee can still be invited directly to an event, whether or not that attendee's account is registered for the event. If an attendee registers for an event prior to the attendee's account being registered for the event, the account is automatically registered for the event with a status of Restricted Invite.

Additional considerations for registering accounts are as follows:

The following procedure describes how to register an account for an event.

To register an account for an event

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Events > All Events.
  2. In the Events list, select an event and click the Account Registration view tab.
  3. To register an account, click the Add Attendee button in the Account Registration list. The button is available when the event Status is Executing or In Progress.
  4. Choose a registration status according to the visibility and registration options you want to make available to account contacts.
  5. If you want contacts associated with the account to be able to view and register for the event, choose Invited in the Registration Status field.

    The following table describes typical Registration Status values.

    Indicates the potential attendee actually attended the event, subevent, or session. Enter this value only after attendance has occurred.
    Indicates the potential attendee reversed their previous acceptance before the cancellation deadline.
    Indicates the participant completed the registration process.
    Causes the event to appear in the invitee's My Invitations list on the Web site.
    Indicates the potential attendee was confirmed for the event, but did not attend the event.
    Indicates the potential attendee has been invited but has not responded.
    Indicates the attendee was not confirmed prior to the event, but did attend the event.

 Siebel eEvents Management Guide for Financial Services 
 Published: 18 April 2003