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Canceling Registrations and Using the Waiting List

In Siebel eEvents Manager for Finance, registration can only be canceled from administrative screens. End users that want to cancel their event, subevent, or session registration must contact the organization holding the event and ask that an administrator cancel the registration.

When an event registration is canceled, all registrations for specific subevents and sessions associated with the event are canceled as well. Likewise, if a subevent registration is canceled, so are all registrations for specific sessions of the subevent. However, if a session registration is canceled, the event and subevent registrations are not canceled.

When the administrator cancels a registration for an event, subevent, or session that is full, a seat becomes available. However, in some cases, it may be desirable to prevent a seat from becoming available. To prevent a seat from becoming available, the administrator should reduce the capacity immediately prior to canceling the registration.

If the capacity is not reduced, and a seat becomes available, it is allocated to the next user whose registration is added by the administrator or whose registration status is changed from Waitlisted to Confirmed, whichever comes first. In other words, after a seat becomes available, it is recommended that administrators immediately change the registration status of the next waitlisted person to Confirmed. Otherwise, a new registrant may accidentally be given the seat designated for the waitlisted person.

The following procedure describes how to cancel an event registration from an administrative screen.

To cancel a potential attendee's registration for an event

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Events > All Events.
  2. Select the event for which you want to cancel a registration.
  3. In the More Info form, note whether the potential attendee is due any refund of fees, and, if so, the amount to be refunded.
  4. If you want to prevent a seat from becoming available because of the cancellation, reduce the Event Capacity by one. For example, if the Event Capacity is 100, manually change the field to 99.
  5. Click the Attendees view tab.
  6. In the registration record to be canceled, change the Registration Status field to Cancelled.
  7. Use your organization's standard procedure to provide any refund due to the person whose registration was canceled.
  8. NOTE:  It is possible to delete the registration record, rather than set the registration status to Cancelled, but this is not recommended. Deleting the record completely removes information about the registration that can be used to track the number of cancellations, to perform refunds, and so on.

After canceling a registration, the Event form shows that Openings increased by one and Seats Taken decreased by one.

You can give the new seat to the first person on the waiting list, as described in the following procedure. To do this, you first identify the person on the waiting list who has the oldest claim to an open seat. Next, you confirm their interest and availability for the event. Then, you change that person's registration status from Waitlisted to Confirmed. The following procedure is specific to an event, however, the concept can also be applied to a subevent or a session registration.

To allocate an open seat to a person on the waiting list

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Events > All Events.
  2. Select the event for which a seat is becoming available.
  3. Click the Attendees view tab.
  4. On the Attendees tab, click the view menu button and choose Columns Displayed.
  5. In the Columns Displayed list, make sure the Registered column is displayed.
  6. On the Attendees tab, from the Show drop-down list, select Waitlisted.
  7. The Attendees list displays the attendees whose Registration Status is Waitlisted.

  8. In the Registered column header, click the up arrow to sort the listings by registration date and time.
  9. The person with the oldest listing on the waiting list is displayed in the first row of the list.

  10. Confirm the potential attendee's interest and availability for the event.
  11. In that person's record, change the Registration Status from Waitlisted to Confirmed.

 Siebel eEvents Management Guide for Financial Services 
 Published: 18 April 2003