Siebel Interactive Designer Administration Guide


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Interactive Designer and Interactive Selling Applications

Interactive Designer Overview

Siebel eAdvisor and Browser-Based eConfigurator Application Overview

Interactive Designer Application Architecture

Siebel Web Client Deployment

Siebel Dedicated Web Client Deployment

Global Deployment

Performance Considerations

Siebel eConfigurator Deployment Methods

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Building an Application Using Interactive Designer

Siebel eAdvisor

Browser-Based eConfigurator

Creating an eAdvisor Application

Creating a Browser-Based eConfigurator Application

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Working in Interactive Designer

Opening Interactive Designer

Project Administration Screen

Pagesets View

Contents List View

Project Files View

Validation Results View

Search View

Pageset Administration Screen

Feature Table Editor View

Feature Table Designer View

Configuration Table Editor View

Configuration Table Designer View

Input UI View

Output UI View

Pageset Files View

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Working with Projects

About Projects

Viewing Your Projects

Creating a Project

Migrating a Project

Copying a Project

Deleting a Project

Editing a Project

Performing a Project Data Search

Validating a Project

Previewing a Project

Deploying a Project

Exporting and Importing a Project

Projects in a Team Environment

View Access

Team Access

Locking Pagesets

Recording the Release Number

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Working with Configuration Tables

About Configuration Tables

The Configuration Matching Process

Configuration Column Types

Input Columns

Output Columns

Subtable Columns

Cell Functions

About Referring to Other Table Columns

About Performing Calculations

Nested Cell Functions


Range Functions

Viewing Configuration Tables

Creating Configuration Tables

Creating Configuration Subtables

Designing the Configuration Table

Entering Data in the Configuration Table

Copying a Configuration Table

Deleting a Configuration Table

Editing a Configuration Table

Creating Exception Messages

Creating Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Messages

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Working with Pagesets

About Pagesets

About Managing the Display of Pagesets

Viewing Your Pagesets

Locking Pagesets

Creating a Pageset

Associating a Pageset with a Product

Copying a Pageset

Deleting a Pageset

Editing a Pageset

Validating a Pageset

Performing a Pageset Data Search

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Working with Feature Tables

About Feature Tables

Viewing Feature Tables

Creating Feature Tables

Creating Linked Feature Tables

Copying a Feature Table

Deleting a Feature Table

Editing a Feature Table

Managing Feature Table Columns

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Building Your UI

About Building Your UI

Contents List

Input UI Display Page

Output UI Display Page

About Creating Input UI Controls

Creating Input UI Controls

Copying Input UI Controls

Deleting Input UI Controls

Editing Input UI Controls

Generating Your Input UI Display Page

About Creating Output UI Controls

Creating Output UI Controls

Copying Output UI Controls

Deleting Output UI Controls

Editing Output UI Controls

Generating Your Output UI Display Page

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Advanced Modeling

About Trigger and Target Feature Tables

Creating Trigger and Target Feature Tables

Creating Target Tables

Creating Trigger Tables

Trigger and Target Example

Additional Trigger Capabilities

Dynamic Defaults

Creating Dynamic Defaults

Working with Subconfiguration


About Referencing Feature Tables

About Setting Defaults

About Accessing Model Variables

Performance Considerations

Creating Javascript Conditional Statements


Duplicate Configuration Column Names

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Working with the Contents List

About the Contents List

Customizing Get Advice Button Functionality

About Populating the Default Contents List

Viewing the Contents Lists

Creating a Contents List

Creating Contents List Items

Copying a Contents List

Deleting a Contents List

Editing a Contents List

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Customizing Your UI

About Customizing Your UI

Editing the Project UI Files

About the Project UI Files

Modifying the Application UI Definition File

About Modifying the Contents List Location

In the Application Definition File

In a Pageset UI Definition File

About the UI Controls

Input UI Display Example

Output UI Controls Example

Using UI Templates

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Referencing Other Siebel Data

About Referencing Other Siebel Data

About Binding to Siebel Business Components

How the Binding Works

Configuration Table Designer Example

Adding Access to Additional Business Components

About Modeling for Customizable Products

Data Evaluation in Feature Tables

Data Evaluation in Configuration Tables

Evaluation of the Customizable Product Structure

Automatic Creation of the Customizable Product Structure

Mapping Root Products in the Configuration Table

Mapping Root Product Attributes in the Configuration Table

Mapping Root Product Attributes in Feature Tables

Mapping Child Products in Feature Tables

Mapping Attributes of the Child Product in Feature Tables

Best Practices

Runtime Interaction with Your Shopping Cart or Quote

Runtime Interaction with the Server-Based eConfigurator

Runtime Access to Your Pricing Information

About Publishing Pricing Information in Pagesets

Associating a Price List with Your Browser-Based Model

About Modifying Display Information in app_config.js

About Modifying the Application Configuration File

Adding Rules Based Pricing

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Working with a Deployed Application

Running in Stand-Alone or Standard Mode

Calling Your Application from Another Siebel Application

Referencing Pagesets from Customizable Products

Invoking the ShowCDA Method from a Button

About Passing in Parameters When Invoking the ShowCDA Method

Synchronization Setup

Modifying the Siebel Synchronize Database Behavior

Using the Synchronize CDA Projects Screen

About Modifying the Project Synchronization Behavior

About Working in Mobile Client Mode

About Unframing Customer and Partner Applications

Limitations of Unframing

Implementing a Customer and Partner Application Without Frames

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Working with the Project Files

About the Project Files

Interactive Designer Project Structure

The Project Files Tab

Viewing the Project Files

Creating a File Attachment

Copying a File Attachment

Deleting a File Attachment

Editing a File Attachment

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Implementation of Multi-Variable and Cascading Triggers

Installation of the Multi-Variable and Cascading Triggers Module

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 Siebel Interactive Designer Administration Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003