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Overview of Siebel eMail Response

Siebel eMail Response allows organizations to manage and respond to a high volume of incoming email. It has a browser-based user interface, accesses a single company-wide customer information database, and can be used with other Siebel eBusiness applications.

Siebel eMail Response and Siebel Communications Server are installed with the Siebel Server and work together to receive email and send responses. Siebel Communications Server supports and integrates communications channels used to communicate with customers. The following two Communications Server components handle email traffic to and from eMail Response.

In addition to handling email traffic, Communications Server can support a multichannel toolbar when you install Siebel Universal Queuing. This toolbar includes buttons used by agents to access different communications channels, such as voice and email. Many Siebel products, such as eMail Response and Call Center, use the communications toolbar to allow agents to initiate outgoing communications and accept incoming communications using any supported communications channel. For details about Communications Server components and the communications toolbar, see Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide.

Siebel eMail Response performs the following tasks:

 Siebel eMail Response Administration Guide 
 Published: 21 April 2003