Siebel eMail Response Administration Guide


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Overview of Siebel eMail Response

Siebel eMail Response Features

Structured and Unstructured Messages

Responses Based on Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)

Siebel Business Process Designer and Routing and Queuing Methods

The Spell Check Feature

Siebel Smart Answer (Optional Module)

Multiorganization Features

Identifying a Contact Using Their Email Address

Siebel eMail Response Deployment

Designating an Implementation Team

Implementing eMail Response in an International Environment

How Agents Use eMail Response

Working with Siebel Applications

Siebel eMail Response Architecture Overview

Customer Sends an Email

Siebel Server Components Process Incoming Email

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Understanding eMail Response Workflows

eMail Response Workflow Processes

About eMail Response Process Properties

Frequently Used eMail Response Process Properties

Preconfigured eMail Response Workflow Processes

eMail Response - Process Message Workflow

Test Mode Enabled? (Workflow Decision Point)

Find Junk Email (Workflow Subprocess)

Parse Message Workflow Steps

Create Activity (Workflow Subprocess)

Smart Answer Enabled? (Workflow Decision Point)

Send Acknowledgement (Workflow Subprocess)

Route Email or Route Message (Workflow Subprocess)

eMail Response - Process Service Request Workflow

Lookup By Org? (Workflow Decision Point)

Get Subject Keyword (Workflow Step)

Submit Sub Process (SR Submit Workflow)

Query Sub Process (SR Query Workflow)

Update Sub Process (SR Update Workflow)

Status Sub Process (SR Status Workflow)

Help Sub Process (SR Help Workflow)

eMail Response - Response Workflow

eMail Response - Client Send Mail

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Planning eMail Response Deployment

Business Analysis Deployment Planning

Planning eMail Response Set Up

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Completing Typical Setup Tasks

Prerequisite Tasks

Basic Setup Instructions

Revising and Activating Workflow Processes

Workflow Status

Activating an Inactive Workflow

Implementing Routing and Queuing Processes

Setting Up Communications Server for eMail Response

Setting Up Communications Driver Parameters

Creating a Communications Driver Profile

Creating a Response Group

Creating Templates, Catalogs, and Categories

Using Substitution Fields in eMail Response Templates

Using Solutions and Creating Email Templates

Creating a Catalog and Categories

HTML Wrapper Templates

Managing Template Visibility

Starting Communications Inbound Manager Tasks

Server Component Task Auto-Start

Server Component Auto-Restart

Starting Communications Inbound Manager

Stopping Communications Inbound Manager

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Global Deployment Setup and Configuration

Deploying eMail Response Internationally

Planning eMail Response Global Deployment

Setting Up eMail Response for International Deployment

International Deployment Setup Tasks Prerequisites

Installing Language Packs and Communications Templates

Setting Up Email Accounts For Supported Languages

Configuring Response Groups For International Deployment

Creating Templates For International Deployment

Language Support For International Deployment

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Completing Advanced Setup Tasks

Authenticating the Email Sender's Email Address in eMail Response

About the Lookup Sender Business Service

Authenticating a Sender's Email Address Using Employee Email Address

Authenticating a Sender's Address Using Alternate Email Address

Recapturing the Account ID (Optional)-Example

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Troubleshooting eMail Response

Cannot Activate Workflow Process

Communications Inbound Manager Stops

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Tables and Reference

Solutions and Templates Decision Table

Routing and Queuing Methods Comparison Table

Siebel eMail Response and Business Services

Inbound Email Manager Business Service

Inbound Email Database Operations Business Service

How the Internet SMTP/POP3 Driver Processes Email Messages

eMail Response Internally Generated Attachment Processing

Upgrading to Siebel eMail Response Release 7.x

Siebel eMail Response Business Services and Workflow

Siebel eMail Response Templates

Siebel eMail Response Communications Drivers (Adapters) and Profiles

My Incoming Email and All Incoming Email Views

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 Siebel eMail Response Administration Guide 
 Published: 21 April 2003