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Oracle® Universal Content Management Web Parts User Guide
Release 10gR3
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Managing Subscriptions

When you are subscribed to a content item, you are notified automatically whenever a new revision of that item has been checked in to the Content Server. These tasks are involved in managing subscriptions:

Subscribing to Content

Follow these steps to subscribe to a content item:

  1. Locate the item to be subscribed to by running a search and listing the item. See "Searching Stored Content" and "Executing a Saved Query" for details.

  2. Click the document icon next to the item you want to subscribe to from the Search Results part of the Main Page Search Section.

  3. Select Subscribe from the displayed popup menu.

  4. The first time you subscribe to an object, you are prompted to enter your email address. Email notifications will be sent to you when the item's status changes.

  5. Click OK after entering your contact information.

    The content item name is displayed in the My Subscriptions Folder.

Viewing Subscription Details and Content

You can view details about the content items to which you are subscribed or view the content item itself. See "Viewing Content" and "Viewing Content Details" for information.

Unsubscribing from Content

Follow these steps to unsubscribe from a content item:

  1. Click the subscription icon (Figure 3-10) next to the name of the subscribed item in the "My Subscriptions Folder".

    Figure 3-10 Subscription Icon

    Surrounding text describes Figure 3-10 .
  2. Select Unsubscribe from the displayed popup menu.

    The content item name is removed from the My Subscriptions Folder.