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Oracle® Business Intelligence New Features Guide
Part No. E10416-04
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Part I General New Features

1 Oracle BI Answers-Based Metadata Dictionary Feature

2 Multi-Select Dashboard Prompts Feature

3 Office Integration with BI Dashboard Feature

4 Dashboard Link Types Feature

5 Import Oracle Catalog Feature

6 Embedded Database Functions Feature

7 Drag and Drop XMLA Metadata Objects Feature

8 General New Features in Release

9 General New Features in Release

10 General New Features in Release

Part II New Features for Oracle BI Publisher

11 Oracle BI Publisher Template Builder Enhancements

12 Flash Templates for Oracle BI Publisher

13 Oracle BI Publisher PowerPoint Output

14 Oracle BI Publisher Integration with Oracle BI Discoverer

15 Performance Improvements for Oracle BI Publisher

16 Converting Reports from Oracle Reports to Oracle BI Publisher

17 Support for Digital Signature in PDF Documents

18 Support for Postscript Printers

19 Additional New Features in Release

20 New Features in Release

21 New Features in Release

22 New Features in Release

23 Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Web Services

Part III New Features for Oracle Business Intelligence for Microsoft Office

24 Installing Oracle Business Intelligence for Microsoft Office

25 Microsoft Office Support

26 New Features in Release

27 New Features in Release