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Oracle® VM Manager User's Guide
Release 2.1

Part Number E10901-04
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A  C  D  E  G  H  I  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X 


adding utility or virtual machine servers, 4.1
AdminService, C.5.6
approving ISO files, 5.3.4
approving resources, 5
architecture of Oracle VM Manager, 1.4


changing password, 2.2
configurations of virtual machines, 6.7
P2V image,
P2V template,
V2V, 5.2
creating groups, 7.3.2
creating server pools, 3.2
creating users, 7.2.1
creating virtual machines, 6.3


default account, 7.1
default group, 7.3.1
details of virtual machine, 6.6
dom0, Glossary
Domain, Glossary
domU, Glossary


editing groups, 7.3.4
editing server pools, 3.3
editing servers, 4.2
editing users, 7.2.3
enhancements, Preface
error log and troubleshooting, D.6


adding users, 7.3.3
creating, 7.3.2
deleting, 7.3.5
editing users, 7.3.4
groups advantages, 7.3
Guest, Glossary
Guest operating system, Glossary


Hardware virtualized machine, Glossary
high availability
for virtual machines created based on template, 6.3.1
for virtual machines created by PXE boot, 6.3.3
for virtual machines created from installation media, 6.3.2
overview, 3.6
Host computer, Glossary
Hypervisor, Glossary


importing ISO files, 5.3.1
importing virtual machine templates, 5.1.1
importing virtual machines, 5.2.1
ISO files
approving, 5.3.4, 5.3.4
importing, 5.3.1
reimporting, 5.3.3
status, 5.3.2
ISO files status, 5.3.5


LifecycleService, C.5.1
log information and troubleshooting, D.6
logging in to Oracle VM Manager, 2.2


Management domain, Glossary


new features, Preface


Oracle VM, 1.3, 1.3
Overview, 1.3
Oracle VM Agent, 1.3, Glossary
Oracle VM Manager, 1.3, Glossary
architecture, 1.4
main features, 1.6
user roles, 1.5
Oracle VM Server, Glossary


P2V conversion
Paravirtualized machine, Glossary
PluginService, C.5.3
Preferred Server, Glossary
preferred server, 6.3.1, 6.7.4
profile information, 2.2


QEMU, Glossary
QoS, 6.7.3
Quality of Service, 6.7.3


registering users, 2.1
reimporting ISO files, 5.3.3
reimporting virtual machine templates, 5.1.3
reimporting virtual machines, 5.2.3
ResourceService, C.5.2
restarting servers, 4.3
roles changing, 7.2.1
roles of users in Oracle VM Manager, 1.5


Server Pool, Glossary
server pool configurations, 3.1
Server Pool Master, Glossary
server pool master, 1.4
server pools
creating, 3.2
server type, 3.2
testing connection, 3.2
deleting, 3.7
how to design, 3.1
restoring, 3.5
searching, 3.4
ServerPoolService, C.5.4
adding, 4.1
deleting, 4.5
editing, 4.2
restarting, 4.3
shutting down, 4.4
servers concept, 1.4
shared virtual disks
creating, 5.4.1
deleting, 5.4.3
searching, 5.4.2
status of virtual machines, 6.1.2
storage, 1.4


troubleshooting, D


changing roles, 7.2.4
creating, 7.2.1
deleting, 7.2.5
editing, 7.2.3
viewing details, 7.2.2
users status, 7.2.3
Utility Server, Glossary
utility server, 1.4


vif, Glossary
Virtual disk, Glossary
Virtual Machine, Glossary
virtual machine creating
based on virtual machine template, 6.3.1
basic steps, 6.3
from installation media, 6.3.2
PXE boot, 6.3.3
virtual machine log, 6.1.4
Virtual Machine Manager, Glossary, Glossary
Virtual Machine Server, Glossary
virtual machine server, 1.4
virtual machine status mechanism,
Virtual machine template, Glossary
virtual machine templates
approving, 5.1.4
deleting, 5.1.6
editing, 5.1.5
importing, 5.1.1
reimporting, 5.1.3
status, 5.1.2
virtual machine types, 6.1.1
virtual machines
approving, 5.2.4
cloning, 6.8.2
console, 6.5
deleting, 6.10
deleting in certain status, 6.10.2
deploying, 6.8.1
importing, 5.2.1
pausing and unpausing, 6.4.3
reimporting, 5.2.3
saving as virtual machine template, 6.8.3
shutting down, 6.4.2
starting, 6.4.1
suspending and resuming, 6.4.4
viewing details, 6.1.4
virtual machines configuring, 6.7
virtual machines editing
general information, 6.7.1
network, 6.7.2
preferred server, 6.7.4
profile, 6.7.5
storage, 6.7.3
Virtual Network Interface, Glossary
VirtualMachineService, C.5.5
VM, Glossary
VM Server, Glossary
VMM, Glossary, Glossary
VNC port, 6.6


Wizard to create a server pool, 2.3


Xen, Glossary
Xen hypervisor, Glossary