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Customizing User Security Questions

You can customize the security questions that appear when a user forgets his or her password. You can add, delete, or update security questions using the following methods in the IUserService API:

  • "public ISecurityQuestion addSecurityQuestionDef(String question, String application, String locale);
  • "public List<ISecurityQuestion> getSecurityQuestionDefList(String application, String locale);
  • "public void deleteSecurityQuestionDef(long securityRequestionId);
  • "public ISecurityQuestion updateSecurityQuestionDef(long securityRequestionId, String newQuestion);

The following code shows an example of these methods:

IUserService _usrService = EBillingServiceFactory.getUserService();

String question1 = "This is a security question 1";

long securityRequestionId = 5327;

//Add new question definition

ISecurityQuestion sq1 = _usrService.addSecurityQuestionDef (question1,null,null);

//Get all questions

List<ISecurityQuestion> sqlist = _usrService.getSecurityQuestionDefLis (null,null);

//Delete a question definition


//Update an existed question definition

ISecurityQuestion sq1 = _usrService.updateSecurityQuestionDef(securityRequestionId, question1);

NOTE:  English is the only language supported for security questions. The locale must be NULL.

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