Client-Side Developer’s Guide

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What’s in this Guide?

The Disc Framework

Toolkit Integration

Portlet Publishing


The Dynamic Visitor Tools Sample Application

Client-Side Development Technologies

Brief History of Client-Side Technology and the Portal



Disc JavaScript Framework

Portal-Aware XMLHttpRequest

Web-Based and REST Style Services


Ajax Toolkits

The WLP Disc Framework

What is Disc?

Enabling Disc

What Enabling Disc Means

Enabling Disc in Workshop for WebLogic

Enabling Disc in the Administration Console

Using Disc Outside of a Portal

Using Portal-Aware XMLHttpRequest to Retrieve Data from a Non-Portal Source

Use Case


Using Portal-Aware XMLHttpRequest to Update Portlets

Use Cases


Using Context Objects

Using Context Objects

The XMLHttpRequest Interaction Engine

Event Handling



Configuring JavaScript Libraries in a Portal Web Project

Creating a Simple Portal Project with Dojo

The Hello World JSP Portlet with Dojo

Creating a Render Dependencies File

The Importance of Render Dependencies

Creating the Sample Render Dependencies File

Portlet Publishing

What is Portlet Publishing?

What is the Portlet Publishing Service?

Asking the Portlet Publishing Service for Portlets

Consuming a Published Portlet

Portlet Publishing URL Forms

Library Instance URL Form

Desktop Instance URL Form

Consuming Published Portlets

Inline Frame Integration

Example Code

Embedding Static Portlets

Embedding Dynamic Portlets

DOM Integration

Basic JavaScript Coding Steps

Finding Portlet Publishing Context

Finding the Publishing Context for a Library Instance Portlet

Finding the Publishing Context for a Desktop Instance Portlet

Advanced Topics

Using the Decoration Parameter

Integrating Multiple Portlets into the DOM

Integrating Portlets from Multiple Publishing Contexts

Portlet Publishing vs. WSRP


Client-Side Development Best Practices


A Simple Dynamic Table Portlet

Namespace Collisions

The Mysterious Table Row

Avoiding Namespace Collisions

Using Ad Hoc Namespacing

Using Rewrite Tokens

Parameterizing Your JavaScript Functions

Using the Disc APIs

The WebLogic Portal REST API

What is REST?

What is the WLP REST API?

WLP REST API Reference Documentation

REST API Use Cases

REST Command Format

Commonly Used REST Command Parameters

The webapp Parameter

The format Parameter

The scope Parameter

REST Command Example

Disabling REST Commands

Basic WLP REST API Examples

Retrieving Information About a Single Portlet

Changing the Title of a Portlet

Moving a Book or Page

Using REST and Disc

Constructing a REST URL Using Disc Context Objects

Open and Send an XHR Request

Handle the REST Response

Putting It All Together

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