GroupSpace Guide

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QuickStart: Creating A GroupSpace Community

Creating a Portal Domain and Application

Creating a GroupSpace Community Template

Creating a GroupSpace Community


GroupSpace Communities in the Portal Life Cycle





Getting Started

Part I Architecture

Planning Your GroupSpace Community

Understanding GroupSpace Components

Adding GroupSpace to your Applications

Adding GroupSpace to Your Portal Domain

Adding GroupSpace to Your Portal EAR and Web Project

Part II Development

Working with GroupSpace in Development

Creating a GroupSpace Community

Understanding GroupSpace Resources

Enabling E-Mail-Based Invitations

Configuring the Database in a New Domain

Extending the Default GroupSpace

Understanding Which Files to Not Modify

Copying Source Files from the Library

Changing the Text of the GroupSpace Invitation E-mail

Modifying the File

Modifying the groupspace.ctmeta File

Modifying GroupSpace Security Capabilities

Using GroupSpace Controls

Using the GroupSpace API

Adding Your Own Community Portlets

Using GroupSpace Events

Community Properties Reference

Analyzing GroupSpace Events

Changing the GroupSpace Look & Feel

Modifying the Default GroupSpace Look & Feel

Creating a New GroupSpace Look & Feel

Setting Up the Rich Text Editor

Enabling Rich Text Editing

Modifying Portlet Preferences for Rich Text Editing

Searching for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Files in Multibyte Languages

Part III Staging

Creating a GroupSpace Community Template

Creating a GroupSpace Community Template

Propagating GroupSpace Communities

Part IV Production

Managing GroupSpace

Creating a GroupSpace Community

Setting Visitor Entitlements on GroupSpace Resources

About Custom Community Properties

Managing GroupSpace Content

Creating Localized Community Titles and Descriptions

Deactivating or Deleting a Community

Deactivating a Community

Deleting a Community

Propagating Communities

Logging In

Inviting Users to Join

Inviting Users

Sending an Invitation to Join the Community

Accepting an Invitation

Removing a Member

Editing Roles and Capabilities

Assigning a Role to a Member

Editing Default Role Capabilities

Managing the GroupSpace Portlets

Controlling Who Can View Portlet Data

Changing Default Portlet Preferences

Using GroupSpace QuickLinks

Adding Related Content Items

Viewing the History of Items in a Portlet

Sending Notifications to the Community

Configuring the Notifications Center

Viewing Notifications

Searching Your GroupSpace Community

Customizing Your GroupSpace Community

Enabling GroupSpace Customization

Changing the Appearance of Your GroupSpace Community

Changing the Page Layout

Changing the Content on the Page

Changing the Look & Feel of a Page

Adding and Creating a New Page

Changing the Look & Feel for the Community

Customizing Template JSPs

Using the GroupSpace Portlets

Using the Portlet Icons

Using the GS Issues Portlet

Adding an Issue

Managing Issues

Searching Issues

Using the GS Links Portlet

Creating a New Category

Managing Your Categories

Adding a New Link

Adding a GroupSpace Resource

Managing Your Links

Searching Links

Using the GS RSS Reader Portlet

Subscribing to an RSS Channel

Managing RSS Channels

Searching RSS Feeds

Using the GS Announcements Portlets

Creating an Announcement

Managing Announcements

Viewing Announcements

Using the GS Document Library Portlet

Managing Documents

Searching Documents

Using the GS GroupNotes Portlet

Creating a GroupNote

Managing GroupNotes

Searching GroupNotes

Using the Tasks Portlet

Adding a Task

Managing Tasks

Using the Discussion Forums Portlet

Adding a Category and a Discussion Forum

Adding a Discussion Topic

Replying to a Discussion Topic

Managing Discussion Forums

Using the Mail Portlet

Configuring the Mail Portlet

Removing a Mail Account

Sending E-Mail

Viewing Mail

Managing Mail

Searching Mail

Using the Calendar Portlet

Adding a Calendar Appointment

Managing Your Calendar

Using the Contacts Portlet

Adding a Contact

Filtering and Navigating Contacts

Managing Contacts

Searching Contacts

Using the CM Browser Portlet

Browsing Content

Managing Content

Searching Content

Using the Search Portlets

Configuring an Enterprise Search

Performing an Enterprise Search

Performing a GroupSpace Search

Performing a Portlet Search

Saving Your Search Queries

Creating a Saved Search

Running a Saved Search

Editing the Properties of a Saved Search

Optimizing Portlet Performance

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