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Architecture is the foundation phase of building a portal application around which the other portal phases revolve, as shown in Figure 3-1.

Figure 3-1 Architecture Phase of the Portal Life Cycle

Architecture Phase of the Portal Life Cycle

In the architecture phase you make the important design decisions about your portal application and its features that guide your portal development and administration. You define your application’s business processes, which involves:

Avoid the temptation begin application development without proper planning and design. While bypassing architecture and moving straight to development may reap short-term benefits in development speed, your projects may suffer from confusion and inconsistency, have poor scalability and performance, be difficult to manage, and may ultimately take longer to develop.

When thinking about architecture, the guiding question should be, “What do we absolutely have to design and do before we start portal application development?” If any item on your list is not essential prior to development, do not include it in the architecture phase.

The planning and design that marks the architecture phase occur at multiple levels: the domain and enterprise application, the web application, and the individual feature areas.

This chapter provides an overview of the types of issues to consider in the architecture phase at all levels.

This chapter includes the following sections:



This section shows examples of architecture decisions you make and resources you create at each level.


The following are architecture decision and tasks for the domain:

Portal Enterprise Application

The following are architecture decision and tasks for the portal enterprise application:

Portal Web Application

The following are architecture decision and tasks for the portal enterprise application:

Feature Areas

For each WebLogic Portal feature you use, there are specific design decisions you must make. For example, if you are using campaigns:


Architecture Tools and Resources

After the planning, design, and resource creation in the architecture phase, developers get those resources from source control and develop applications with the design guidelines. In conjunction with development, developers and administrators configure and test the application and its features in the staging environment. When the application is ready for release, administrators deploy it to the production environment where the end users access it. The following are links to the architecture section for each of the WebLogic Portal feature guides:

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