UCM VCR Adapter Guide

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What Is the UCM VCR Adapter?


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Adapter Architecture

Installation and Configuration

Installing the UCM VCR Adapter

Ensure the UCM Components are Installed

Server Required Components

Server Optional Components

Optional Client Components

Install the Patch

Installing with the Smart Update GUI Application

Installing with the Command Line Utility

Select Profile Trigger Field on the UCM Server

Update Existing Domains

Delete Existing Libraries

Install New Libraries

Add a Reference to the UCM VCR Adapter Shared Library

Modify Cache Settings

Configuring the Adapter

Configuring the Adapter in a Development Environment

Configuring the Adapter in the Administration Console

Configuring Security

WLP-Secured Global Config User

Natively-Secured Global Config User

Identity Propagation with Native Security

Verifying the Installation

Using the Adapter

Content Design Considerations

Content Modeling and Mapping Overview

How Documents are Mapped to VCR Content Types

How Content Profiles are Mapped to VCR Content Types

How the Combination of Site Studio Region Definitions and Profiles are Mapped to VCR Content Types

Best Practices for Modeling Content

Unsupported Features for the UCM VCR Adapter Version 1.0

Unsupported UCM Features

Unsupported Web Content Management (WCM) Features

Property Field Mappings

UCM Content Modeling Examples

Creating Profile-Based Content Types with the UCM Administration Console

Creating a New Content Type

Creating Information Fields

Creating a Rule

Creating a Profile

Creating Region-Based Content Types with Oracle Site Studio


Overview of Steps

Creating the Element Definitions

Create the WYSIWYG Element

Create the Plain Text Element

Create the Static List Element

Create the Link Element

Create a Region Definition

Viewing the Region-Based Content Type from the WLP Repository

Creating a New Contributor Data File Based On a Region Definition


Overview of Steps

Selecting the Region Definition

Viewing the Content in WLP

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