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Installing the Administration Server

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Preparing to Install

This section provides the information needed to install the BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Security Administration Server, including system requirements, and prerequisite software and hardware. It does not include information for installing a Security Service Module.

This section covers the following topics:


Installation and Distribution

BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Security products are distributed and installed using the BEA Installation and Distribution System, which provides a complete framework for the following:

BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Security is distributed on both the BEA web site and on CD-ROM.

Web Distribution

If you want to install the product by downloading it from the BEA web site, contact BEA Sales at and request a download.

The package installer downloads a stand-alone version of the installation program that contains the complete Administration Server. The package installer is approximately 118 MB.

Documentation is available from the product documentation home page. Be sure to download the most up-to-date information from the BEA web site at:

CD-ROM Distribution

If you purchased BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Security from your local sales representative, you will find the following items in the product box:

Four CD-ROMs:

The following printed documents:


Installation Prerequisites

The Administration Server requires certain software components to operate properly. Review these requirements carefully before installing the product.

System Requirements

Table 2-1 lists the system requirements for the Administration Server.

Note: The machine on which you install the Administration Server must have a static IP address. The IP address is used by the Security Service Modules and Service Control Manager for connectivity. Also, on a Windows platform, the file system must be configured for NTFS and not FAT.

Table 2-1 System Requirements 


Component and Version

Servlet container

AquaLogic Enterprise Security Administration Server requires that you install one of the following servlet container prior to installing the product:

Note: Install BEA WebLogic Server in BEA_HOME.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

The installation program requires a JRE, which is installed as needed by the servlet container.

  • WebLogic Server 8.1 SP4 installs JRE 1.4.2_04

  • WebLogic Server 8.1 SP5 installs JRE 1.4.2_05

  • Apache Tomcat 5.0.28 checks for a JRE that meets its requirements and installs JRE 1.4.2_08 only if necessary.

Note: The asiadmin user must have permission to access the Apache Tomcat directory. Therefore, when you install the Apache Tomcat, you should specify asiadmin as the User Name on the Apache Tomcat Setup: Configuration Options page or assign access permission to the asiadmin user.

Note: The installation process sets JAVA_HOME and related variables to point to the JRE directory. All scripts installed use JAVA_HOME by default.

Policy Store (Database Storage)

  • Oracle 9i Release 2 (

  • Oracle 10g Release 1 (

  • Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, Version 12.5

Note: BEA recommends using the Oracle client on Linux platforms. Use of an earlier version may seriously increase the amount of system memory used by the AquaLogic Enterprise Security servers or processes. This behavior can eventually cause the server to use up the system memory. Oracle and do not exhibit this behavior.

For instructions on how to set up your database, see Setting Up and Administering the Database

User Repository

Optionally, an external directory server or database, containing your user store, can be configured through the BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Security Metadirectory. This product is included with your software. You must install it and configure it.

The following user repositories are supported:

  • Microsoft Windows NT Domain

  • Microsoft Active Directory

  • SunONE Directory Server v5.2

  • Novell eDirectory v8.7.31

  • Open LDAP v2.2.24

  • Oracle 9i Release 2 (

  • Oracle 10g Release 1 (

  • Sybase 12.5.2

For information on how to install and configure metadirectories with the Administration Server, see Configuring Metadirectories in Integrating ALES with Application Environments.

Database Connectivity

Oracle or Sybase Client Runtime Software

BEA recommends that the version of your client software be the same as the database to which you are connecting. Do not use an older version of the client software to connect to a newer version of the database server.

For instructions on how to set up the database client, see Installing and Configuring an Oracle Client and Installing and Configuring a Sybase Database Client.

Platforms supported

The BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Security Administration Server runs on any of the following platforms:

  • Intel Pentium compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 Professional

  • Intel Pentium compatible with Microsoft Windows 2003 SP1 Professional

  • Intel Pentium compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 Server/Advanced Server

  • Intel Pentium compatible with Microsoft Windows 2003 SP1 Server/Advanced Server

  • Sun Microsystems Sparc with Solaris, versions 8 and 9

  • Linux Red Hat Advanced Server, version 2.1 and 3.0

Web Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer, Version 5.5 or later; 6.0 is recommended. In addition, the Java Plug-in for Internet Explorer from the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4 or greater is required.

Display Resolution

A display resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher is recommended when running the Administration Console.


256 MB of RAM minimum, 512 MB or more is recommended. Each user session requires approximately 5 MB of memory.

Hard Disk Space

About 100 MB free storage space for the installed product (this does not include WebLogic Server or Apache Tomcat storage space).

Refer to the database installation instructions for recommendations on database storage allocation.

Certificates and Keystores

BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Security uses an implementation of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 specification (see TLS Protocol). The server hosting the AquaLogic Enterprise Security Administration Server supports TLS on a dedicated listen port that defaults to 7010. To establish a secure connection, a Web browser connects to the Administration Server by supplying the listen port and the secure address (HTTPS) in the connection URL, for example, https://myserver:7010.


Optionally, you can use Log4j to configure a reporting application to support auditing features. For further information on how to use Log4j with the Administration Server, see:



The product software cannot be used without a valid license. When you install the Administration Server, the installation program creates an evaluation license that expires in 90 days.

To use the Administration Server in a production environment, you must purchase a license. For information about purchasing a license, contact your BEA Sales Representative.

Requirements for Reinstalling the Administration Server

If you are installing the Administration Server on a computer on which the Administration Server was previously installed, refer to Uninstallingand make sure all of the uninstall steps were completed; otherwise the installation may fail.


Selecting Directories for the Installation

During installation, you need to specify locations for the following directories:

BEA Home Directory

During installation, you are prompted to choose an existing BEA Home (BEA_HOME) directory. If you are using WebLogic Server as your servlet container, you should specify the same BEA Home directory that you specified when you installed WebLogic Server 8.1. If you are using Apache Tomcat as you servlet container, then the BEA Home directory is a repository for common files that are used by multiple BEA products installed on the same machine. For this reason, the BEA Home directory can be considered a "central support directory" for the BEA products installed on your system. The files in the BEA Home directory are essential to ensuring that BEA software operates correctly on your system. They perform the following types of functions:

The files and directories in the BEA Home (BEA_HOME) directory are described in your WebLogic documentation. Although it is possible to create more than one BEA Home directory, BEA recommends that you avoid doing so. In almost all situations, a single BEA Home directory is sufficient. There may be circumstances, however, in which you prefer to maintain separate development and production environments on a single machine, each containing a separate product stack. With two directories, you can update your development environment (in a BEA Home directory) without modifying the production environment until you are ready to do so.

Product Installation Directory

The product installation directory contains all the software components used to administer BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Security. During installation, you are prompted to choose a product installation directory. If you accept the default, the software is installed in the following directory:

c:\bea\ales21-admin (Windows)

/opt/bea/ales21-admin (Sun Solaris and Linux)

where c:\bea is the BEA_HOME directory and ales21-admin is the product installation directory. You can specify any name and location on your system for your product installation directory and there is no requirement that you name the directory ales21-admin or create it under the BEA Home directory.


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