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Using the AquaLogic Service Bus Console

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What is BEA AquaLogic Service Bus?

Overview of the BEA AquaLogic Service Bus Console

Starting the BEA AquaLogic Service Bus Console

Using the Change Center

Overview of the Change Center

Using the Change Center

Activating a Session

Viewing Configuration Changes

Undoing a Task

Order of Undoing Tasks

Viewing Task Details

Viewing All Sessions

Finding and Replacing Environment Values

Viewing and Resolving Conflicts

Project Explorer

Overview of the Project Explorer

Projects and Folders

Uses of Projects and Folders


Listing Projects

Adding a Project

Viewing Project Details

Deleting a Project

Adding a Folder

Viewing Folder Details

Deleting a Folder

Creating a Resource

Importing Resources in Bulk

Loading Resources from a Zip File

Loading Resources from a URL

Reviewing Loaded Resources

Viewing Import Results

Viewing References

Renaming a Resource

Moving a Resource

Exporting a WSDL

Resource Browser

Overview of Resource Browser

XML Schemas

Overview of XML Schemas

Listing and Locating XML Schemas

Adding an XML Schema

Viewing and Changing XML Schema Details

Deleting an XML Schema

Viewing Unresolved XML Schema References

Resolving Unresolved XML Schema References


Overview of WSDLs

Listing and Locating WSDLs

Adding a WSDL

Viewing and Changing WSDL Details

Deleting a WSDL

Viewing Unresolved WSDL References

Resolving Unresolved WSDL References


Overview of WS-Policies

Listing and Locating WS-Policies

Adding a WS-Policy

Viewing and Changing WS-Policies

Deleting a WS-Policy

XQuery Transformations

Overview of XQuery Transformations

Listing and Locating XQuery Transformations

Adding an XQuery Transformation

Viewing and Changing XQuery Transformation Details

Deleting an XQuery Transformation

XSL Transformations

Overview of XSL Transformations (XSLTs)

Listing and Locating XSL Transformations

Adding an XSL Transformation

Viewing and Changing Details of an XSL Transformation

Deleting an XSL Transformation

Viewing Unresolved XSL Transformation References

Resolving Unresolved XSL Transformation References


Overview of MFLs

Listing and Locating MFLs

Adding an MFL

Viewing and Changing Details of an MFL

Deleting an MFL

Service Accounts

Overview of Service Accounts

Listing and Locating Service Accounts

Adding a Service Account

Viewing and Changing Service Account Details

Deleting a Service Account

Proxy Service Providers

Overview of Proxy Service Providers

Listing and Locating Proxy Service Providers

Adding a Proxy Service Provider

Viewing and Changing Proxy Service Provider Details

Deleting a Proxy Service Provider

Business Services

Overview of Business Services

Service Types

Adding a Business Service

Listing and Locating Business Services

Viewing and Changing Business Services

Deleting Business Services

Proxy Services

Overview of Proxy Services

Service Types

Service Types and Transports

Adding a Proxy Service

Generating WSDLs from a Proxy Service

Listing and Locating Proxy Services

Viewing and Changing Proxy Services

Deleting Proxy Services

Proxy Services: Message Flow

Overview of Message Flow


Message Execution

Building a Message Flow Tree

Operational Branching

Viewing and Changing Message Flow

Adding a Pipeline Pair Node

Adding a Conditional Branch Node

Adding an Operational Branch Node

Adding a Stage

Adding a Route Node

Adding Route Node Actions

Viewing and Changing Conditional Branch Details

Viewing and Changing Operational Branch Details

Viewing and Changing Stage Configuration Details

Proxy Services: Actions

Adding an Action



For Each

Scope of Variables in the For Each Action

Nested For Each Actions

If Then




Publish Table

Raise Error






Service Callout

Understanding Service Callout Actions

Configuring Service Callout Actions

How are Messages Constructed for Service Callouts?

Handling Errors


Transport Headers


Proxy Services: XQuery Editors

Using the Inline XQuery Expression Editor

Inline XQueries

Uses of the Inline XQuery Expression Editor

Accessing the Inline XQuery Expression Editor

Using the XQuery Condition Editor

Using the XPath Expression Editor

Defining a User Namespace

Creating a Variable Structure

Using Predefined Variables in the Inline Editors

Building an XQuery Expression Manually

Building an XPath Expression Manually

Selecting an XQuery Resource for Execution

Selecting an XSLT Resource for Execution

Building an XQuery Condition Using the Text Option

Entering a Comparison Expression Using the Builder Option

Entering a Unary Expression Using the Builder Option

Proxy Services: Error Handlers

Error Messages and Handling

Error Handlers

Nested Error Handlers

Empty Error Handlers

Error Handler Actions

Error Handler Configuration

Adding Error Handling for the Proxy Service

Adding Pipeline Error Handling

Adding Stage Error Handling

Adding Error Handling for the Route Node

Viewing and Changing an Error Handler

Deleting an Error Handler

Security Configuration

Overview of Security Configuration




Adding a User

Listing and Locating Users

Viewing and Changing User Details

Deleting a User

Adding a Group

Listing and Locating Groups

Viewing and Changing Group Details

Deleting a Group

Adding a Role

Listing and Locating Roles

Viewing and Changing Role Details

Deleting a Role

Adding a Credential

Listing and Locating Credentials

Viewing and Changing Credential Details

Deleting a Credential

Listing and Locating Access Control Policies

Editing Transport Authorization Policies

Editing Service Authorization Policies


Overview of Monitoring


Viewing the Dashboard Statistics

Listing and Locating Services

Configuring Monitoring for Specific Services

Setting the Aggregation Interval for a Service

Viewing Service Monitoring Details

Listing and Locating Servers

Customizing Your View of the Server Summary

Viewing a Chart of Servers

Viewing Server Details

Viewing Server Log Files

Viewing Details of Server Log Files

Listing and Locating Alerts

Viewing a Chart of Alerts

Customizing Your View of Alerts

Viewing Alert Details

Creating an Alert Rule

Listing and Locating Alert Rules

Viewing and Changing Alert Rule Details

Deleting an Alert Rule


Overview of Reporting

Listing and Locating Messages

Viewing Message Details

Purging Messages

System Administration

Overview of System Administration

Enabling Monitoring

Resetting Statistics for All Services

Importing Configuration Data

Exporting Configuration Data

Displaying Runtime Tracing Status of Proxy Services

Enabling Runtime Tracing Status of Proxy Services

Setting the Dashboard Polling Interval Refresh Rate

Configuring a UDDI Registry

UDDI Configuration Settings

Searching for a UDDI Registry

Adding a UDDI Registry

Making Configuration Changes to an Existing Registry

Selecting a Service Account

Importing a Business Service from a UDDI Registry

Publishing a Proxy Service to a UDDI Registry

Test Console

Overview of the Test Console

Testing Services

Testing Proxy Services

Configuring Proxy Service Test Data

Viewing Proxy Service Test Results

Tracing Proxy Services

Testing Business Services

Configuring Business Service Test Data

Testing Transformations




Performing Inline XQuery Testing

Using the XQuery Expression/Condition Editors

Using the XPath Expression Editor

Understanding How the Run Time Uses the Transport Settings in the Test Console

Message Context

The Message Context Model

Predefined Context Variables

Message-Related Variables

Header Variable

Body Variable

Attachments Variable

Binary Content in the body and attachments Variables

Inbound and Outbound Variables

Sub-Elements of the inbound and outbound Variables

Operation Variable

Fault Variable

Initializing Context Variables

Initializing the attachments Context Variable

Initializing the header and body Context Variables

Performing Operations on Context Variables

Constructing Messages to Dispatch

SOAP Services

XML Services (Non SOAP)

Messaging Services

Message Context Schema

Error Codes


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