AquaLogic User Interaction Development Guide

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About Cross-Platform Pagelet Development

ALI and Ensemble both support AquaLogic development tools, including the AquaLogic Development Kit (IDK), Adaptive Tags, and the ALI Scripting Framework. These tools provide cross-product APIs that allow you to write a single pagelet for both ALI portal and Ensemble, as well as product-specific APIs to implement advanced functionality.

  • About the IDK Proxy API: The bea.alui.proxy package supports cross-product pagelet development. The interfaces in this package provide access to information about the environment in which the pagelet is displayed and the user currently accessing the pagelet, including session preferences associated with that user. This package also includes Ensemble-specific methods to implement security and access XML payloads. For details on creating pagelets with the IDK Proxy API, see Creating a Custom Pagelet with the Java IDK Proxy API and Creating a Custom Pagelet with the .NET IDK Proxy API.
  • About Programmable Remote Client (PRC) Remote APIs: The plumtree.remote.prc package includes a collection of APIs that provide access to functionality within the ALI portal, Collaboration, Publisher, and Search Service. These APIs are supported by Ensemble and ALI portal, and can be used by any pagelet deployed in an environment with access to these applications.
  • About Adaptive Tags: Adaptive Tags are used to display contextual data and control Ensemble and ALI portal functionality from remote pagelets. Unlike the IDK, Adaptive Tags use XML in pagelet content instead of code, which avoids a network round trip. Tags can be included in the markup returned by any proxied page (HTML, JSP or ASP.Net). Using the attributes defined in the tag, the Ensemble or ALI portal gateway transforms the XML and replaces it with standard HTML and/or executes the relevant operations. The Adaptive Tag collection currently includes libraries for use in both ALI portal and Ensemble, as well as libraries that are specific to each environment.
  • About the ALI Scripting Framework: The ALI Scripting Framework is a set of client-side JavaScript libraries that provide services to pagelets and proxied/gatewayed pages.
  • About Pagelet Caching: Caching is the functionality that allows ALI and Ensemble to request pagelet content, save the content, and return the saved content to users when appropriate. The importance of caching cannot be overstated.
  • About Pagelet Internationalization: These tips and best practices apply to all pagelets that will be translated into multiple languages.

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