AquaLogic User Interaction Development Guide

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About Adaptive Tags

AquaLogic Interaction and AquaLogic Ensemble provide a collection of useful XML tags that can be included in the markup returned by any gatewayed page, including pagelets.

Using the attributes defined in the tag, the gateway transforms the XML and replaces it with standard HTML to be displayed in a browser. For example, when used in a banner pagelet in the ALI portal, the following code is replaced with the date and time in the current user's locale.
<pt:standard.currenttime xmlns:pt=''/>
The adaptive tag libraries provide access to a wide range of components. For details on adaptive tag libraries, see the following topics:

For detailed information on using tags, see Adaptive Tag Development Tips. For information on how the portal processes tags, see About Adaptive Tag Control Flow. You can also create custom tags; for details, see Creating Custom Adaptive Tags.

For a full list of tags and attributes, see the tagdocs. Tagdocs for all platforms are available on the API Libraries page.

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