AquaLogic User Interaction Development Guide

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About Pagelets and Portlets

A pagelet is a web application that produces a self-contained, reusable user interface widget. A portlet is a pagelet designed for use with AquaLogic Interaction portal. Pagelets can be used for everything from displaying useful information to building integrated applications that combine functionality from multiple systems.

Every pagelet executes its functionality in a separate process. Most pagelets connect to a back-end application for data or functionality. The back-end for a pagelet can be any web application that returns HTML or XML over HTTP. The example below is a AquaLogic Interaction Collaboration pagelet that searches for projects based on a user’s selections.

All pagelets are designed to be displayed with other pagelets. AquaLogic Interaction (ALI) portal and AquaLogic Ensemble both act as a gateway, processing and combining pagelets from multiple applications to create a single, unified page with a range of functionality. The code returned by a pagelet is parsed by the portal or proxy server and inserted into the appropriate location in the mashup page. Pagelets from the same back-end application can interact with each other within the page.

The AquaLogic Interaction Development Kit (IDK) allows pagelets to access useful information and integrate dynamic functionality from ALUI components.

For more information on the gateway, see About Server Communication and the Gateway. For details on pagelet development, see the following topics:

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