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Tuning the JRockit JVM

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Introduction to Tuning BEA JRockit JVM

How BEA JRockit is Tuned

JVM Tuning Terminology

What You'll Find in Tuning BEA JRockit JVM

Tuning BEA JRockit JVM

Setting the Heap Size

Setting the Initial and Minimum Heap Size


Setting the Maximum Heap Size


Encountering Out of Memory Errors

Paging (Page Faults)

Setting the Size of the Nursery


Setting the Thread Stack Size

Minimum Thread Stack Size


Basic Tuning Tips and Techniques

Determine What You Want to Tune For

Set the Heap Size

Tune the JVM

Tuning for High Responsiveness

Tuning for High Performance

Analyze the Performance by Using the JRA


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