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BEA JRockit JDK Documentation

BEA JRockit JDK provides tools, utilities, and a complete runtime environment for developing and running applications using the Java programming language. The BEA JRockit JDK includes the BEA JRockit Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The BEA JRockit JVM is developed uniquely for server-side applications and optimized for Intel architectures to ensure reliability, scalability, and manageability for Java applications. On this page you find documentation that corresponds to JRockit J2SE 5.0 (R25.2) JDK with J2SE5.0 update 3.

Note! If you are looking for documentation for JRockit J2SE 5.0 (R26) JDK with J2SE5.0 update 4, please click here:

This page was last updated November, 2005.

Supported Platforms and Compatibility Statement

Supported Configurations

Compatibility Between Releases

Getting Started

BEA JRockit JDK Release Notes

Installing BEA JRockit JDK

Installing BEA JRockit JRE

Introduction to BEA JRockit JDK

Using BEA JRockit JDK

Frequently Asked Questions

Command Line Options and Tuning

Command Line Options by Name

Tuning BEA JRockit JVM

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BEA JRockit Tools

Using BEA JRockit Runtime Analyzer

Using BEA JRockit Memory Leak Detector

Using BEA JRockit Management Console

The JRockit Monitoring and Management API

JMAPI Javadoc

Developing Java Applications

Developing Java Applications

Product Downloads

JRockit Runtime Analyzer Download

JRockit Memory Leak Detector Download

Zip Application Download; Required to acquire tools

Other Sources of Information


JRockit Newsgroup

JavaTM 2 Platform, Standard Edition, v 5.0 API Specification (Sun Javadoc site)