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Using the JRockit Memory Leak Detector

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What is New in the BEA JRockit Memory Leak Detector?

The BEA JRockit Memory Leak Detector Overhead

About this User Guide

Finding Additional Information

Getting Started with Memory Leak Detection

Overview of the Memory Leak Detection Process

Starting the Memory Leak Detector

Touring the Memory Leak Detector Interface

Tabs Explained

Toolbar Explained

Status Bar Explained

Using the Memory Leak Detector

Analyzing the Application

Investigating a Suspicious Object Type

Investigating an Object Instance

Viewing Allocation Stack Traces

Customizing Settings

Help Us Improve JRockit

How will BEA Systems Use This Feedback

BEA JRockit Support for the Memory Leak Detector

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BEA Systems Guarantee the Accuracy of this tool's output?

Does the Memory Leak Detector Cause Any Overhead?

What Kind of Support is Available for the Memory Leak Detector?

Is There a Forum Where I can Discuss the Memory Leak Detector?

Known Issues


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