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Using JRockit JDK

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What's In the User Guide?

Finding Additional Information

BEA JRockit Support

Supported Platforms

Tuning BEA JRockit

Starting and Configuring BEA JRockit JVM

Before Starting BEA JRockit

Starting BEA JRockit

Setting the JRockit Type

Sample Start-up Command

Configuring BEA JRockit

Using Standard Command Line Options

Setting General Command Line Options

Providing Information to the User

Using Extended Options

Setting Behavioral Options

Providing Information to the User

Including a Timestamp with Logging Information

Using the BEA JRockit Memory Management System

The Mark-and-Sweep Garbage Collection Model

Garbage Collector Options

Two-generational Garbage Collection

Single-generational Garbage Collection

Concurrent Garbage Collection

Parallel Garbage Collection

The Dynamic Garbage Collector

Using Backward-compatible Garbage Collectors

Overriding Garbage Collectors

Garbage Collector Selection Matrix

Viewing Garbage Collection Behavior

Using the Java Plug-in

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

Installing the Plug-in

Note on Installing the BEA JRockit Plug-in and Sun Plug-in

Plug-in Reference

Using Web Start with BEA JRockit

Platforn Support

What You Can Do with Web Start

Web Start Security

Installing and Launching Web Start

Windows Platforms

Linux Platforms

Comprehensive Web Start Documentation

Using jstat with BEA JRockit

Statistics Options and Output

-class statOption

-compiler statOption

-printjit statOption

-printopt statOption

-gc statOption

-gcpause statOption

Monitoring Thread Activity With Thread Dumps

Lock Information in Thread Dumps

Detecting Deadlocks

What is a "Lock Chain"?

Formal Definition of a Lock Chain

Lock Chain Dump


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