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Using JRockit JDK

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Using the Java Plug-in

Popular web browsers, such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, can be connected to the Java platform by using the Java Plug-in, under which applets are run, already installed. If you want to run applets under BEA JRockit JRE, you can install the Java Plug-in that ships with this product.

Available only on ia32 platforms, the BEA JRockit Java Plug-in extends the functionality of your web browser, allowing applets and Java beans to run with JRockit. The Java Plug-in is part of the BEA JRockit JRE and is installed when the JRE is installed on a computer. It works with Netscape, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer.

This section includes information on the following subjects:


Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

Table A-1 lists the operating systems and browsers supported by the BEA JRockit Java Plug-in.

Table A-1 Java Plug-in O/S and Browser

Operating System Support

For a list of supported operating systems, see the list of supported ia32 platforms at BEA JRockit JDK Platform Support.

Browser Support

Internet Explorer 5.5+; Netscape 4.5+ , 4.79*, Netscape 6.2+, and Mozilla 1.4+.

Note: *Netscape 4.79 will only run applets that are specifically tagged to be run by 1.5.0.


Installing the Plug-in

The Java Plug-in is installed automatically for Windows machines when you install the BEA JRockit JRE, as described in Installing the JRE. For Linux machines, you can install it as described in either of these documents from Sun Microsystems:

Note on Installing the BEA JRockit Plug-in and Sun Plug-in

If you install the Sun JRE after installing the BEA JRockit JRE, the Sun JRE becomes the default Java Plug-in on the system. If this happens, you can uninstall and reinstall the BEA JRockit JRE.


Plug-in Reference

Generally, once the plug-in is installed, its behavior will be transparent and require little, if any, user intervention. However, there are many other related topics that you may want to understand. Sun Microsystems provides helpful information on the Java Plug-in that is fully compatible with the BEA JRockit Java plug-in. You can find this information at:


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