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User Guide

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What is New in the BEA JRockit Management Console

Console Overhead

About this User Guide

Finding Additional Information

Using the Management Console to Monitor Applications

Architectural Overview

JMX specification

Platform Beans

Attributes Described

Viewing the Attributes

Icons Explained

Attribute Subscriptions

Viewing and Editing the Attribute Subscriptions

Subscribing to Attributes

Getting Started to Use the BEA JRockit Management Console

Connection to JRockit from the Management Console

Starting the BEA JRockit Management Console

Enable the Management Server

Start the BEA JRockit Management Console

Change the Port

Advanced/Security Options

Touring the BEA JRockit Management Console Interface

Management Console Tabs

Administrator Mode

Developer Mode

Setting up the BEA JRockit Management Console

Managing Connections

Creating a New Connection

Creating a New Folder

Connecting to BEA JRockit

Disconnecting from BEA JRockit

Renaming a Connection or Folder

Removing a Connection or Folder

Hiding Disconnected Connections

About the Ignore List

Enabling Console Settings

Opening the Preferences Window

Mode of Operation

Graphics and E-mail Settings

Persistence Directory

Setting the Persistence Directory

Clearing All Attribute Subscription Logs

Communication Settings

Console Settings File

Locating consolesettings.xml

Using the BEA JRockit Management Console

Viewing Summary Information

Customizing the Displays

Customizing Gauges and Bars

Customizing Graphs

Changing Graph Attributes

Monitoring Memory Usage

Memory Tab Functionality

Monitoring Running Processes

Viewing Information about JRockit

Viewing and Creating Custom Alerts and Notifications

About Notification Triggers

Creating a New Rule

Creating Your Own Notification Actions and Constraints

Editing a Rule

Using a Rule to Monitor a Connection

Viewing a Notification Alert

Removing a Rule from a Connection

Removing a Rule from the Available Rules List

Getting Method Profiling Data

Starting and Stopping a Method Profiling Template

Creating a New Method Profiling Template

Removing a Method Profiling Template

Adding a Method to a Template

Removing a Method from a Template

Method Profiling Settings

Counting Exceptions in BEA JRockit

Adding an Exception

Starting, Stopping, and Removing an Exception Count

Using Advanced Features of the Management Console

Historical Data

Viewing Historical Data

Thread Stack Dump

Viewing the Thread Stack Dump

Starting and Running the Console in Headless Mode

Running a Headless Management Console

Controlling the Console with Command Line Options

JRA Recordings

Creating a JRA Recording

Adding Custom Notification Actions and Constraints

Creating a Custom Action

Creating and Implementing a Notification Action—an Example

Create the Action (Step 2)

Implementing handleNotificationEvent() (Step 3)

Creating the Action Editor (Step 4)

Implementing the Abstract Methods (Step 5)

Adding the New Action to the Deployment Entries (Step 6)

Displaying the New Action Editor (Steps 7 and 8)

Creating a Custom Constraint


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