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Tuning WebLogic JRockit 8.1 JVM

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Tuning WebLogic JRockit JVM

Setting Heap Size Parameters

Setting the Initial Heap Size


Setting the Maximum Heap Size


Setting -Xmx to Avoid Fragmentation

Encountering OutOfMemory Errors

Setting the Size of the Nursery


Working Around Limits to Expanding Heap Size

Defining When a Memory Space will be Cleared


Setting the Type of Thread Allocation


Setting the Thread Stack Size

Minimum Thread Size


32-bit Default

64-bit Default

Memory Requirements and Garbage Collection Types

Basic Tuning Tips and Techniques

Determine What You Want to Tune For

Setting the Heap Size

Tuning for High Responsiveness

Tuning for High Performance

Other Tuning Tips

Analyze Garbage Collection and Pause Times

Modify Threading Options when Using a Large Number of Threads

Analyzing and Improving Your Application

Step 1: Find the Hotpaths

Find the Bottleneck Methods

Cluster the Bottleneck Methods Together into Hotpaths

Step2: Prioritize the Hotpaths

Step 3: Fix the Hotpath

Step 4: Repeat Steps 1-3


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