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Tuning WebLogic JRockit 8.1 JVM

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BEA WebLogic JRockit JVM automatically adapts to its underlying hardware and to the application running on it. You might wonder, why would anyone need to tune the JVM? The answer is that there are some things WebLogic JRockit JVM cannot know about your system. For example, how much memory do you want the JVM to use? You probably don't want the JVM to use most of the available memory. Or, how long should the maximum pauses be, to work best within the tolerances of your application?

WebLogic JRockit JVM has a number of non-standard startup parameters, called -X options, that allow you to better tune the JVM for your specific application. In WebLogic JRockit JVM there are two main subsystems that can be optimized separately using different startup parameters: the memory management system (including the garbage collectors), and the thread system. This guide documents the different startup parameters and what you need to know about these subsystems to be able to tune them efficiently. You will find that the memory management system is the subsystem that gives you the most tuning opportunities. By tuning these parameters you will likely find the best performance improvements for your application.


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