Installation Guide

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Preparing to Install BEA SALT

BEA SALT Platform Support

BEA SALT Installation Program

BEA SALT Distribution Methods

Web Distribution

CD-ROM Distribution

What's Next?

Installing BEA SALT Using GUI-Mode Installation

What Is GUI-Mode Installation

Installing on Windows or UNIX Platforms in Graphics Mode

Uninstalling BEA SALT

See Also

Installing BEA SALT Using Console-Mode Installation

What Is Console-Mode Installation?

Installing on UNIX Platforms in Console Mode

Uninstalling BEA SALT on UNIX Platforms in Console Mode

See Also

Installing BEA SALT Using Silent Installation

Preparing for Silent Mode Installation

Creating a Silent Mode Installation Template File

Sample Windows Template

Sample UNIX Template

Installing BEA SALT on Windows

Installing BEA SALT on UNIX

Verifying Silent Mode Installation

See Also

Post BEA SALT Installation

Manually Installing the BEA SALT License File

UNIX License File Installation

Windows License File Installation

Sample BEA SALT License Appended to Tuxedo License

Post-Installation BEA BEA SALT Directory Structure

Installing BEA SALT Rolling Patches

Rolling Back to A Previous Installation

See Also

BEA SALT 1.1 Supported Platforms

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