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   BEA Tuxedo File Formats and Data Descriptions Reference



typesw - buffer type switch structure; parameters and routines needed for each buffer type


Buffer Type Structure

* The following definitions are in $TUXDIR/include/tmtypes.h

struct tmtype_sw_t {
char type[TMTYPELEN]; /* type of buffer */
char subtype[TMSTYPELEN]; /* sub-type of buffer */
long dfltsize; /* default size of buffer */
/* buffer initialization function pointer */
int (_TMDLLENTRY *initbuf) _((char _TM_FAR *, long));
/* buffer re-initialization function pointer */
int (_TMDLLENTRY *reinitbuf) _((char _TM_FAR *, long));
/* buffer un-initialization function pointer */
int (_TMDLLENTRY *uninitbuf) _((char _TM_FAR *, long));
/* pre-send buffer manipulation func pointer */
long (_TMDLLENTRY *presend) _((char _TM_FAR *, long, long));
/* post-send buffer manipulation func pointer */
void (_TMDLLENTRY *postsend) _((char _TM_FAR *, long, long));
/* post-receive buffer manipulation func pointer*/
long (_TMDLLENTRY *postrecv) _((char _TM_FAR *, long, long));
/* encode/decode function pointer */
long (_TMDLLENTRY *encdec) _((int, char _TM_FAR *, long, char _TM_FAR *, long));
/* routing function pointer */
int (_TMDLLENTRY *route) _((char _TM_FAR *, char _TM_FAR *, char _TM_FAR *,
long, char _TM_FAR *));
/* buffer filtering function pointer */
int (_TMDLLENTRY *filter) _((char _TM_FAR *, long, char _TM_FAR *, long));
/* buffer formatting function pointer */
int (_TMDLLENTRY *format) _((char _TM_FAR *, long, char _TM_FAR *,
char _TM_FAR *, long));
/* process buffer before sending, possibly generating copy */
long (_TMDLLENTRY *presend2) _((char _TM_FAR *, long, char _TM_FAR *, long,
long _TM_FAR *));
/* this space reserved for future expansion */
void (_TMDLLENTRY *reserved[9]) _((void));

* application types switch pointer
* always use this pointer when accessing the table
extern struct tmtype_sw_t *tm_typeswp;


Each buffer type and sub-type must have an entry in the tm_typesw array such that when a buffer is manipulated the appropriate routines are called. For the buffer types provided by the BEA Tuxedo system. see tuxtypes(5).

An application programmer who wants to supply a customized buffer type can do so by adding an instance to the tm_typesw array in $TUXDIR/lib/tmtypesw.c. (tuxtypes(5) shows how this can be done.) The semantics of the routines that must be supplied when adding a new type are specified in buffer(3c).


$TUXDIR/tuxedo/include/tmtypes.h - the type switch definition
$TUXDIR/lib/tmtypesw.c - the type switch instantiation

See Also

buffer(3c), tuxtypes(5)