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BEA Tuxedo Release 7.1

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Note: Before installing the BEA Tuxedo System Release 7.1, you should review the Release Notes that were delivered with your product. You can access an online version of the Release Notes via BEA Systems Customer Support.


 Installing the BEA Tuxedo System

Preparing to Install the BEA Tuxedo System

Describes how to prepare for the installation of the BEA Tuxedo system software, including hardware and software prerequisites, managing files and database information, selecting an administrative password, and configuring a UNIX system.

Installing the BEA Tuxedo System on UNIX Systems

Describes how to load the BEA Tuxedo and Jolt packages onto your machine, what the directory structure looks like after the installation is finished, how to verify that the installation completed successfully, and how to remove the software from your system.

Installing the BEA Tuxedo System on Windows Systems

Explains how to install the BEA Tuxedo system and Jolt on Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows 98 systems using the automatic installation programs and unattended installation, and how to remove the BEA Tuxedo and Jolt software from your system.

Upgrading the BEA Tuxedo System to Release 7.1

Provides procedures for upgrading your BEA Tuxedo application to Release 7.1 using simple and hot upgrade procedures.

Starting the BEA Tuxedo Administration Console

Provides the system requirements for the Administration Console, describes how to set up your environment, and how to start and exit the Administration Console.

Post-Installation Considerations

Describes how to set up the environment for developing applications.

Platform Data Sheets

Provides data sheets for the various platforms that are supported.

Jolt System Requirements

Provides the hardware and software requirements for the Jolt components.