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How to Create the NETWORK Section of the Configuration File

If you have more than one machine in your distributed application, you need to create a NETWORK section in your configuration file. This section sets up communications among your machines. You can configure network groups in both the NETGROUPS and NETWORK sections of an application's UBBCONFIG file.

For each parameter in the NETWORK section, the following table provides a description and links to reference pages and additional information.

To Specify This Information in the NETWORK Section

Set This Parameter (Required/Optional)

For More Information, Click the Following

The device name to be used by the BRIDGE process placed on that LMID to access the network.

BRIDGE (Optional)

BRIDGE device name

The complete network address to be used by the BRIDGE process; that is, the listening address on the LMID.

NADDR (Required)

BRIDGE network address

The minimum level of encryption required when a network link to this machine is being established.


Encryption levels

The maximum level of encryption allowed when a network link is being established.


Encryption levels

The network group associated with this network entry. If unspecified, then the default, DEFAULTNET, is assumed. (If not set to DEFAULTNET, this parameter must be defined as a group name in the NETGROUPS section.)

NETGROUP (Optional)

Network group

The network address used by the tlisten(1) process servicing the network on the node identified by the LMID.

NLSADDR (Optional)

tlisten network address


Sample NETWORK Section

The following configuration file excerpt shows a NETWORK section for a two-site configuration.

SITE1 NADDR="//mach1:80952"
# SITE2 NADDR="//mach386:80952"

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