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BEA Tuxedo Release 8.0

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Explains how to set up your BEA Tuxedo system.

Run-Time Administration

Explains how to administer your BEA Tuxedo system at run time.


Explains the Domains component.

Scaling, Distributing, and Tuning CORBA Applications

Explains how to scale and tune CORBA applications for better performance in a production environment.


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ATMI Security Administration

/Q Administration

CORBA Security Administration

CORBA Name Service Administration

CORBA Notification Service Administration

CORBA Transaction Administration



 Setting Up a BEA Tuxedo Application


Administrative Tasks and Tools

About the Configuration File

Creating the Configuration File

About Transactions

Configuring Your ATMI Application to Use Transactions

Managing CORBA Interface Repositories

Distributing ATMI Applications Across a Network

Creating the Configuration File for a Distributed ATMI Application

Setting Up the Network for a Distributed Application

About Workstation Clients

Setting Up Workstation Clients

Managing Remote BEA Tuxedo CORBA Client Applications  


 Administering a BEA Tuxedo Application at Run Time


Starting Up and Shutting Down an Application

Monitoring Your BEA Tuxedo Application

Dynamically Modifying an Application

Managing the Network in a Distributed Application

About the EventBroker

Subscribing to Events

Migrating Your Application

Tuning a BEA Tuxedo ATMI Application

Troubleshooting a BEA Tuxedo Application  


 Using the BEA Tuxedo Domains Component


About Domains

Planning and Configuring ATMI Domains

Planning and Configuring CORBA Domains

Administering Domains  


 Scaling, Distributing, and Tuning CORBA Applications


Scaling BEA Tuxedo CORBA Applications

Scaling CORBA Server Applications

Distributing CORBA Applications

Tuning CORBA Applications