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BEA Tuxedo Release 8.0

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Note: Before installing the BEA Tuxedo System Release 8.0, you should review the Release Notes that were delivered with your product. You can access an online version of the Release Notes via


 Installing the BEA Tuxedo System

Preparing to Install the BEA Tuxedo System

Describes the installation program, software distribution methods, software components, hardware and software prerequisites, configuring Interprocess Communication resources, the BEA Home directory, and the installation roadmap.

Installing BEA Tuxedo Using GUI-Mode Installation

Describes how to install BEA Tuxedo using graphical user interface (GUI) mode installation on both Windows and UNIX systems.

Installing BEA Tuxedo on UNIX Systems Using Console-Mode Installation

Describes how to install the BEA Tuxedo system using console-mode installation.

Installing BEA Tuxedo Using Silent Installation

Describes how to install the BEA Tuxedo system using silent installation on both Windows and UNIX systems.

Upgrading the BEA Tuxedo System to Release 8.0

Describes how to upgrade your BEA WebLogic Enterprise or BEA Tuxedo application to BEA Tuxedo 8.0 using simple and hot upgrade procedures.

Performing Post-Installation Tasks

Describes the tasks you perform after installing BEA Tuxedo.

Starting the BEA Tuxedo Administration Console

Provides the system requirements for the Administration Console, describes how to set up your environment, and how to start and exit the Administration Console.

BEA Tuxedo 8.0 Platform Data Sheets

Provides data sheets for the various platforms that are supported.

BEA Jolt 8.0 Preparations

Describes prerequisites and preparatory information for installing the BEA Jolt software components.

File and Database Management and Disk Space Allocation

Describes BEA Tuxedo file and database management and provides guidelines for allocating disk space for a BEA Tuxedo application.

IPC Resource Configuration on a UNIX System

Describes the interprocess communication (IPC) parameters on a UNIX system and provides guidelines for configuring them.