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BEA Tuxedo Release 8.0

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BEA Tuxedo ATMI is the most widely deployed e-commerce transactions platform for building high-performance, mission-critical, and reliable distributed applications. It provides the industry leading e-commerce transactions framework for building scalable 3-tier client-server applications in heterogeneous, distributed environments. Using the ATMI environment in the BEA Tuxedo system, you can successfully develop, manage, and deploy transactional applications independently of the underlying communications, hardware, and database environment.





Explores the anatomy of the client/server model and how the BEA Tuxedo system fits into the model, discusses the architecture of the ATMI environment, describes the administrative tools offered by the BEA Tuxedo system, and provides an overview of the BEA products that can be used with BEA Tuxedo.


Provides links to topics that describe how to develop custom ATMI applications with the BEA Tuxedo system.


Explains how to perform the administration tasks associated with building and running ATMI applications.


Provides platform-specific information, such as Windows 2000.

TOP END Domain Gateway

Provides links to topics that describe the TOP END domain gateway, the configuration and run-time administration process for the gateway, and programming steps for implementing Request/Response mode, Conversational mode, reliable queuing, transactions, and security in the gateway.


Provides links to succint descriptions and usage instructions for commands, functions, tables, and files used by programmers and administrators of ATMI applications.

Sample Applications

Provides links to the CORBA sample applications which demonstrate the CORBA features in the BEA Tuxedo product.

System Messages

Documents the system message catalogs for the CORBA and ATMI components.